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Run for the hills! Liberals like her. (Reuters) This Scott Brown fundraising email is not a parody:
by kos
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Follow me past the orange squiggle of doom to have a look at Republican Scott Brown's latest email plea, in which he quotes Markos Moulitsas quite prominently...
by AnotherMassachusettsLiberal
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(From [http://www.populist.com/12.12.edit.html The Progressive Populist]) Right-wingers spent more than $48.5 million to keep Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in office, outspending the Democrats by ...
by jcullen
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“What happens to one of us, affects us all.” From the movie Desert Flower, the story of Waris Dirie I became a Democrat on July 12, 1960. I have been a party faithful for over fifty years. ...
by praenomen
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From June 6 to June 10, I attended my sixth Netroots Nation in Providence, Rhode Island – an annual gathering of the liberal blogosphere with dozens of workshops, panel discussion and appearances ...
by Paul Hogarth
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Van Jones said this in his speech to Netroots Nation. “ He stands up for Trayvon; he stands up for gay marriage; we like him,” Jones said of Obama in the keynote speech of the evening. “But ...
by The Sheeping of America
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We need a new rallying cry. Van Jones has an idea that's not quite cooked, but suggestive. On Saturday, someone who heard Jones address a Scott Walker recall rally in Wisconsin tweeted this quote ...
by arlenegoldbard
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Since 2008 the economy has been in freefall. and thanks to the bailout of the big Wall Street banks, the auto industry, and high unemployment, the federal and state deficits have ballooned out of ...
by 728huey
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Congratulations! Once again, historic events beckon the progressive movement, and even though it took a little too long for it to start showing signs of a spine to take on the contemporary ...
by Ray Pensador
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We’re Pro-100%____? by Susan C. Strong, Executive Director, The Metaphor Project, http://www.metaphorproject.org As everyone knows by now, last week Van Jones launched his new book, Rebuild the ...
by SusanCStrong
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This week, on KFTK's The Dana Show and on her blog at Big Government, TeaNN "contributor" Dana Loesch falsely accused Van Jones of being a "cop-killer supporter, a Marxist, and a 9/11 Truther" while ...
by JGibson
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by Shawn Russell
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In a wide-ranging interview about his new book, Rebuild the Dream , which is being released Wednesday on the 44th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Amy Goodman ...
by Meteor Blades
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I'm heading to D.C. today. I've been invited to discuss the current state of the economy with some pretty big names, and I'd like to invite you to watch . . . On Tuesday, March 27 you can ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Tonite Thom Hartmann is hosting a National Teach-In To Take Back The American Dream . This is an opportunity to hear the true story of who broke the economy for the 99%, and what we need to do to ...
by davej
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Last night I wrote a diary about someone I had spent a few months with as his computer shop. Well, there's more where that came from. This time, I'd like to introduce you to another friend, a former ...
by Homer177
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The January 19th issue of Rolling Stone names 12 leaders who get things done . There's ...
by Richard Cranium
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Who is our economy for , anyway? In the United States We, the People are supposedly in charge and our country and economy are supposed to be managed for the public good. ...
by davej
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There have been some very interesting developments with the House Progressive Caucus and also with the Occupy Wall Street movement during the past day. The House Progressive Caucus has reintroduced ...
by joanneleon
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Black Agenda Report is one of the better lefty blogs on the internet. Never one to spare or mince words, BAR executive editor Glen Ford in my view, occupies the heart of every matter he touches. ...
by scorpiorising
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