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Below is the press release from KnowDrones.com, a national group, and the Vets for Peace and the Democrat Party Vets in Sacramento about the airing of TV commercials covering U.S. drone attacks: ...
by Dan Bacher
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This article originally appeared at TomDispatch.com. To receive TomDispatch in your inbox three times a week, click here .[ Note to TomDispatch Readers: We have an interesting offer today and I’d ...
by TomDispatch
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In the wake of the latest escalation of the U.S. military operations in the Middle East, it’s time to remember the origin of Veterans Day. In 1926, the U.S. Congress officially recognized the ...
by mbenefiel
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http://www.buildingbridgesradio.blogspot.com/2014/08/from-ferguson-to-staten-island-building.html From Ferguson to Staten Island Building Resistance to Police Terror withMichael McPhearson, Ex. Dir.
by buildingbridgesradio
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Paul Harper Dillon my teacher, mentor and friend for the past 20 years passed away last week in the mountains Peru. He was a graduate of Cornell Univ. Dr of Social Anthropology and worked his ...
by gordonsoderberg
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In the wake of the recent upsurge of violence in Palestine-Israel, the US-based Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is pitching an open letter under the heading " End the bombing. End the occupation. " The ...
by Artesian Royalty
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Occupy San Diego got this message from Veterans for Peace: Thursday, June 19, 2014 San Diego Veterans for Peace is calling for a bannering on the 6th Avenue overpass (over I-5) this Thursday, June ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Two years ago, I wrote about a moving Memorial Day encounter I had with a World War II veteran while I was out canvassing to recall GovernEr Scott Walker . This year, I decided to mark Memorial Day ...
by Wisco Wherls
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As potlucks often miraculously provide, the spread included all courses from appetizers to dessert. In much the same way, our discussions revealed an astonishing variety of activism and depth of ...
by occupystephanie
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It’s true! We all know (or should know) that on November 11, 1918, the “War to end all wars” came to an end with the armistice agreement between the major powers. It became know as “...
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I support the Veterans For Peace right to march in the Veterans Day Parade in Phoenix this upcoming week ! I support VFP's right to march in the parade. I do believe Mayor Stanton and the city of ...
by thedamnliberal
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A quick diary to spread the word that a rally will be held tomorrow (Sat, Sept. 7) at 1:00 PM to oppose US action in Syria. The gathering place will be at the corner of Park and Tremont Sts. just ...
by brae70
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The Wall Street Journal recently published an editorial by David J. Bobb titled, "Howard Zinn and the Art of Anti-Americanism " Here's my reply:
by dan kaufman
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Scott Walker is in the business of giving us photo ops, which could be the picture on the front cover of his future ghostwritten autobiography titled Unintimidated .  He gave us option 1 , option 2 ...
by Jeffsimpson
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Memorial Day is a day that was originally set aside to decorate the graves of the Civil War dead. It later expanded to honor the deceased of all wars, and many use this day to remember ALL the ...
by brae70
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It must be. After all, Sally Quinn, wife of former legendary editor of the Washington Post Ben Bradlee and author of the "On Faith" part of the paper, wrote that U.S. military should put religious ...
by teacherken
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Pat Scanlon is a Vietnam veteran and the coordinator (elected leader) of the Boston chapter of Veterans for Peace, also called the "Smedley Butler Brigade". As luck would have it, a diary about ...
by brae70
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I did. They've been part of our local parades and ceremonies honoring veterans and celebrating our country for years. They carry their banners and flags and march in cadence with all of the other ...
by 51percent
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I was a military brat. My father was a World War II and Korean War veteran and career Army man. I grew up believing in the power and patriotism of the U.S. military, but being patriotic does not ...
by Barbara Lee
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Of all the The President's appointments that have puzzled and disturbed some 2008 supporters like myself who believe they were promised a serious change from Bushco (see Geithner, Summers, Salazar, ...
by divineorder
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