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We know climate change is real. We know Rick Scott is destroying the environment. We know my 9 year old has a passion for and started Love Our Land Awareness. This is her Anti Scott Ad . She said ...
by Vetwife
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People used to send cards, then we turned digital. This family thinks of Daily Kos as family. I could not possibly afford stamps for everyone I love on here so I crashed the computer......
by Vetwife
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by Vetwife
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At 18 and a FNG on a hill in Vietnam ....Strong and..So Naive ! When a soldier comes home from war, many for the most part are a blender of confusion and emotion. The feeling never leaves. ...
by Vetwife
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I said I would update the documentary that Vet and I are in and now it has a name and link provided. Here is the info: November 11th online. Our segment will be on television during the ...
by Vetwife
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UnaSpenser's quilt -- she wrote a beautiful thank you diary that I did not see until today Vetwife is a warrior woman, fighting hard for veterans so ...
by Sara R
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UnaSpenser's quilt top Vetwife has been a friend to many on this site. She works tirelessly for veterans, helping them to get the benefits to which they are entitled. She also helps many others ...
by Sara R
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Ok, I am tired of the war drums. I feel like I need a vacation . DaNang was here in February and we all had a good time and it was our first meetup and I think from looking at comments we ...
by Vetwife
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May 30 am update: I got a call from Amanda (Vetwife) this morning. The goal of $2500 has been not only met, but surpassed significantly; we've raised nearly $3000 for their family, coming in at $2987.
by Kitsap River
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I was in the middle of a post when I got the call that Daddy had died. I want to thank OPOL who posted a thread about his death.
by Vetwife
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She's very upset and in route to Georgia in emergency mode. She asked that I let her friends know what was going on. My thoughts are with Vetwife and her family. Update: She's not going to be able ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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No, I’m not talking rainbows and pots of gold, though I’m sure with Kossacks involved there will be tasty food of Orange. And maybe we can dress some of the kidlets up like leprechauns, even ...
by FloridaSNMOM
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I planned a meetup for Feb 9th. What is now concerning me is the peak of Flu season is that week and the next. Boston has already been put under a state of emergency and Florida's warm temps.....
by Vetwife
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This is what I found out. We can have the building all day from 9AM till 5PM Feb 9th 2013. I found out they still charge 3.00 per vehicle for entry...Oh well. Maybe we can find 3 dollars to park.
by Vetwife
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Last night I was reflecting on the year's end with some tears and cheers. I was laughing also with comments on Navajo's and Twigg's diary as it was so uplifting and then the phone rang. The phone ...
by Vetwife
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Today I went inside my email and maybe like some of you, you got this in your inbox. This email brought back my meetings with Congressman Lewis and one in particuliar in 2004 with our teenage ...
by Vetwife
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Here is the diary . Please check it out and see if you can help. Here is a donation link .
by jpmassar
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Today, I am writing the diary for Netroots for the Troops 2012. I am so proud of this organization and all of those helping with the care packages. All of the volunteers are giving their time and ...
by Vetwife
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The lady, Susan, I will never forget during my C-Span interview said, " Were people who knew you surprised that you became an activist"? My answer was a bit of history but not the extent I will ...
by Vetwife
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Vetwife needs no introduction to the Daily Kos community. From helping raise funds for Netroots For The Troops to helping out veterans daily, including many here, she's always going the extra mile ...
by Kitsap River
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