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We seem to think that politicians, particularly Regressives (aka Republicans), have only recently been saying idiotic things. Part of the problem is that in the past candidate statements typically ...
by Ruffbear7
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Two-term Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-MN I believe Senator Amy Klobuchar will be our vice presidential nominee. I think there are numerous reasons to believe this, and even more reasons to want this to ...
by Le Champignon
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Some people think it may be a bad idea to consider Hillary the "presumptive nominee" for President. But is it? If she has no valid challenge, that means there's less money spent in the primary, ...
by JPax
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In this diary I will explain how I see the political situation and what would be for me the path for a Democratic victory in the Presidential election of 2016. The diary will include also some note ...
by abgin
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Hillary should be thinking about a VP candidate -- not out loud of course. She would not want to be seen as arrogant. Perhaps with a very small task force leading the way. She should be thinking ...
by LenL
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If you've not seen this video you must. It is beyond scary. It was conducted on the campus of Texas Tech University asking students basic, and I mean *basic* questions of history... i.e. who won ...
by BFSkinner
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It can take a while. Years if the President of the country blocks investigation during his term. But once charges are filed and an investigation commences, there is no statute of limitations. And so,
by waterstreet2008
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After barely spending a Month running for President -- now perennial Republican contender Mitt Romney , is suddenly NOT running? What's up with that!? What is going on in his bottomless pit of ...
by jamess
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Quite by accident, I assure you. It was when I went to see Vice President Biden's speech at Netroots Nation in Detroit this July. I saw the long lines and the metal detectors for people trying to ...
by NormAl1792
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Gate's Slams Biden  the headline read... In it the paper went directly to the money quote by Bob Gates:  “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security ...
by kavips
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I have written [diaries http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/07/11/226549/-Handicapping-the-2008-Democrats?showAll=yes] in the past on handicapping the presidential candidates for the next election. ...
by davybaby
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Dick Cheney says he worries that terrorists could kill him by hacking into his artificial heart, which can be controlled via a wireless Internet ...
by Ted Rall
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The U.S. government has proposed and passed numerous laws that deny civil liberties by unwarranted spying, limiting freedoms, restricting movements, and protecting public officials from reprisal. ...
by StephenLRush
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I read this this morning in the Wall Street Journal..... "Confident Biden Team Sows Seeds For 2016." It goes on to say.... "Political allies of Vice President Joe Biden have concluded that he can ...
by pollchecker
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The 2016 election is approaching and it is pretty clear that the Democrats have a huge advantage going into this election, especially with rumors of Hillary R. Clinton's potential presidential run. ...
by TheNextDylan
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I can't make my mind up about Schuyler Colfax (above). Was he a crooked, intriguing politician, as a wise man once said, or was he a working class hero who rose to the second highest office in the ...
by KAMuston
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Here's the official swearing in earlier this morning by Justice Sotomayor, who had to catch a train for New York immediately after:
by zenbassoon
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Last night, Ezra Klein, on The Last Word did a great panegyric to Vice President Joe Biden -a man that the Republicans have often dismissed as having his foot in his mouth, even called a clown by ...
by chloris creator
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Every time I hear someone talking about Hillary Clinton for 2016, I think what a drone. Not only is it a disrespect to Joe Biden it also doesn’t make any sense. Hillary is not as popular as ...
by the Pollitikat
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Wait...What?...Runs out of money! Okay, a little background for those not familiar with this breaking story. Since 2009 the City Of Los Angeles has been operating a gun buyback program. ...
by motherlu
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