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The GOP platform might be openly hostile to the LGBT community across the board, but one GOP kingmaker has apparently looked deep into his heart and discovered some tolerance...tolerance that comes ...
by Cognac Bodine
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There's another SNL alum throwing a hat in the ring, running for public office. But not in the tradition of Al Franken, who's a serious guy (Stuart Smalley notwithstanding) and knowledgeable about ...
by Land of Enchantment
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Victoria Jackson recently announced she is throwing her polka-dot bow into the political arena. Personally, I think comedians should pay her for all of the new-found opportunities for material. One ...
by fireflynw
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Sorry, I skipped writing this round-up yesterday. It happens. I may have skipped a day, but the Republicans didn't skip pumping out the crazy. NY Post's Fred Dicker: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo "promised"
by The Big E
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That "brain trust," squeaky voiced, your act hasn't been original since 1985, Victoria Jackson has essentially equated the 20 dead children of the Sandy Hook Massacre to late term abortion. On ...
by Clytemnestra
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The other day I put up a paragraph from a blog post by Bill Maher up as my facebook status: "We all read what Trump said about Obama's election, as well as Ted Nugent and Victoria Jackson. I'm just ...
by Mark Pelta
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The Right Wing had a massive shock on Tuesday. Their pundits and media had built a lovely castle in the air and were shocked -- SHOCKED! when it turned out to be an illusion. Some of the reaction ...
by Graypets
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(By Samantha Kimmel-Muston, not Kimit Muston, who is actually married to me but I can't get this ferkakte thing to put my name in.) Following are some of the things I know for a fact are smarter ...
by KAMuston
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If you're in your late twenties or older, and a fan of Saturday Night Live, you might recall Victoria Jackson . She was never more than a ...
by derek scarlino
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We've spent the entire morning trying to avoid posting this. But, it's just too extreme not to point out. This is, sadly, representative of a small yet very alive ideology in the United States.
by WePartyPatriots
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The latest news from Illinois is that antigay activists are going to try to ban gay marriage in 2012. They are upset at the advancements of gay people in the state and nationwide. Because they're ...
by indiemcemopants
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On April 6th Fox News and Glenn Beck announced that his program would be "transitioning" off the air. Reminds me a little of when ...
by KingOneEye
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According to Politico Tim Pawlenty (R-Yawn) tried to inject some humor into a speech before Iowa College Republicans on Friday. "...
by johnjgraff
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From PopEaters : In a follow-up to her statement that Muslim-Americans are "plotting our demise," Jackson ...
by Verbalpaintball
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No snark today, running late again, let the quotes begin:
by esby
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Remember Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live? Turns out she has a column at World Net Daily and she's not happy with us, and ...
by BFSkinner
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In lieu of the next 1,000 words... The much ballyhooed Beverly Hills Tea Party took place yesterday and exceeded ...
by KingOneEye
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Ordinarily I wouldn't go out of my way to chastise celebrities for ...
by KingOneEye
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On April 4, 2010, the Tea Party Express arrived in Huntsville, Alabama to celebrate a movement against big government...under a monument to big government. It was either a brilliant piece of ...
by Matt Osborne
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Cross-posted at News Corpse , The Internet's Chronicle Of Media Decay. The case was made long ...
by KingOneEye
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