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I am a Viet Nam era vet. Thankfully, I never went to Viet Nam though I did, in fact, actually volunteer for that duty at one point. But, in reality I am a veteran of two wars. . .the Viet Nam war ...
by matador
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"Operation Ranch Hand" began on this date 50 years ago. Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign has the story. On ...
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I still stand when it is sung. From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.....am I nuts or what? Today Tripoli has a new and better meaning. A day to remember in place of anniversaries ...
by don mikulecky
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Welcome to the Team DFH Freaky Friday Music party. We're mixing it up a bit tonight. One of my favorite music buddies and DFH frandor55 ...
by frandor55
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In 1969 I was in the kitchen with my mom, helping with the ironing, with the radio on. Ray Adell was just finishing up his fishing report: "Throw the small ones back, save a few for me!" The ...
by bekosiluvu
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Many of us at the time of Kent State wondered just how the White House saw the shootings. Given the Nixon/Agnew position that anti-war protesters were "bums," the common supposition then was that ...
by tarheelian51
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41 years ago today, on my 22nd birthday, member of the Ohio National guard opened fire on student at Kent State. Another date that will live in infamy. Look ...
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I'll be very dogmatic about this: NEVER! . I don't ask that you agree nor do I condemn you if you want to be violent. I don't have to be that petty. If you chose violence ...
by don mikulecky
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Birthdays are funny milestones. The fact is that I feel no different. Well, I have to admit that each year I am a little less sure I'll see the next birthday, but that seems natural. Looking back,
by don mikulecky
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I awoke this morning thinking of Sandy Stroud, my high school sweetie, dead more than forty years in the jungles of Viet Nam. My thoughts turned to my Daddy, a veteran of World War II, dead now.
by KelleyRN2
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Where do I begin. For the past week I never knew I could feel so many different emotions all at one time. Fear, love, hope, anxiety, you name it I experienced it....and all in one day; Monday Sept. ...
by Sotally Tober
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The thing about unwinnable wars is that they can't be won. It doesn't matter if the war is being run ...
by Laurence Lewis
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This might be better in an open thread but I wanted to give a good picture of my new acquaintance and it’s too big for a comment. Like many others here, I try to help anyone I can. I have ...
by third Party please
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Some of the most peaceful people on the planet are being violently harassed and bullied and denied freedom of religion in Viet Nam. Monks and nuns practicing Buddhism in the tradition of Thich ...
by llee
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The President, when announcing our planned troop buildup in Afghanistan, made a strong attempt to portray that effort as significantly different from our misguided venture into Viet Nam. Was he ...
by myles spicer
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As early as 1965, then Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara had doubts about the ability of the US to "win" the war in Viet Nam. A summary of his evaluation as reported in a memo to President ...
by truong son traveler
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Yesterday the insanity of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars boiled over and engulfed Ft. Hood with the kind of mindless mayhem that is common place today throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. No other way to ...
by clearandpresent
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A few days ago I happened on to a somewhat obscure, 8 minute video from BBC .
by truong son traveler
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When I was young, "Don't speak ill of the dead" was right up there with "Get your hands out of your pockets" and "Stop wiping your nose on the napkin." There were lists of things one just didn't do ...
by boguseconomist
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Born: 6/12/1944. Died: 12/10/1966. Viet Nam. Killed from friendly fire, along with a number of other Marines in his platoon. Panel 13 east, line 26. He was three weeks older than me.
by quityurkidding
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