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Perhaps the cruelest form of discrimination faced by LGBTs is that they cannot sponsor a foreign-born ...
by thepanicbutton
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VISA, the credit card company has a new self-promotional campaign on the net, in print and on TV. Being technically quite advanced, the ...
by hannah
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Got a letter from my bank today stating that my current Visa Debit Card would not be valid after Jan 20, 2010 because it was compromised in a security breach and would be replaced. This has ...
by Mad 60
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It might surprise many of you that Mexican citizens did not need a visa to enter Canada. That's because they were part of NAFTA and it was assumed that no one from NAFTA should need a visa to enter ...
by The Simple Canadian
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by Nezua, TMC MediaWire Blogger On Tuesday, President Obama announced Sonia Sotomayor as his pick to replace Supreme Court Justice David Souter. Sotomayor could be the first ...
by The Media Consortium
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As anticipated, Thursday's Senate "amnesty" hearing was heavily stacked with Open Borders enthusiasts. Alan Greenspan, the man ...
by danarothrock
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Today the president is going to take on the credit card companies for some of the more outrageous behaviors they have engaged in to turn a profit at the taxpayers expense. With our money in their ...
by lbines
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Government data showed an increase in job loss today.
by tech ed
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AFL-CIO reports indicate that the new sheriff, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, will ...
by tech ed
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The New Jersey Star-Ledger reports that four have pleaded guilty to illegally obtaining visas ...
by tech ed
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The VHP, World Hindu Council, threatened to boycott US Multi National Corporations in retaliation against a measure included in the stimulus package that protects US workers.
by josh soleen
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Hilda Solis, Labor Secretary-Designate, will be the next subject in the increasingly contentious process by the new administration of assembling a cabinet. A vote by the Senate has been slated for ...
by tech ed
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Current Economic events leave all of us with feelings of fear, uncertainty and doubt. This is a look back to January 1937, and how Johnny Cash's parents & hundreds of others endoured the loss of ...
by Mr Sandman
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This is a postscript to my earlier news story Microsoft Laying Off 5,000 Despite ...
by danarothrock
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CEO Steve Ballmer makes incredulous statement to staff:
by danarothrock
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This economy is going nowhere if we fail to address household debt.
by StevenLeser
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Congress supports legal discrimination against Americans in the USA! Demand that Congress pass SB 1035 at the start of ...
by tech ed
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U.S. Department of Labor Strategic plan Fiscal Years 2006-2011 (pg. 35) states: "... H-1B workers may be hired even ...
by IT Professional
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Bill Gates is worried that Obama may favor worker's over corporation's interests: "Clearly we need a ...
by IT Professional
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Obama can ease the unemployment problem by IMMEDIATELY shutting down the H1-B and L1 Visa program. Obama has pledged "to stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas," but he hasn'...
by IT Professional
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