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We've tried everything else, it's time to ask a member of our own oligarchy if he will lead us in humanities greatest challenge. The Gates Foundation has done many good things including helping to ...
by VL Baker
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The proving is in the doing Not good : The charity run by Bill and Melinda Gates, who say the threat of climate ...
by Laurence Lewis
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Bill Gates, putting his mouth where his money is..... This week, Bill Gates showed off one of the projects from the Gates Foundation—the Janicki Omniprocessor—which disposes of human waste, ...
by Jen Hayden
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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation won't say how much money it has invested in private prisons , because ...
by Laura Clawson
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Cross-posted with EcoWatch & co-authored by Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. " Zero emissions is an ambitious but achievable goal. " --UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Zero has become the most ...
by Renewable Rider
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There will be a high stake game played in Washington State between the NRA and the zillionaires, televised for all to see. The game is Initiative 594 and the stake is personal background checks for ...
by LokiGirl
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Here's a mind stretcher for you. In Have You Hugged a Concrete Pillar Today? Bill Gates references his favorite historian Vaclav Smil, who wrote Making the Modern World: Materials and ...
by HoundDog
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Rolling Stone recently interviewed Bill Gates. They covered a number of subjects including global climate change. We're heading for big trouble, right? Absolutely. That's why I happen to think ...
by hobie1616
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Our beloved Billionaire with a social conscious Bill Gates, chime in on how rapid advances in robotics, A.I. and software are going to further reduce labor demand. http://www.businessinsider.com/...
by madtownpopulist
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Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, recently gave a talk about the future - how technology will impact the future and how technology will impact jobs. What he said may been a boon for the "haves" but ...
by ctexrep
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This anecdote was part of the new Rolling Stone interview with Bill Gates: Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview The richest man in the world explains how ...
by Lefty Coaster
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by Egberto Willies
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America is sick. Do you know what can heal America, my friend? A billionaire, that's who! At least, that's what Ralph Nader thinks. Earlier today, Ralph Nader released a memo highlighting 20 "...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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Extracts from an interview with Bill Gates (BG) with the BBC's Jeremy Paxman (JP) were shown during tonight's edition of Newsnight, which Paxo often hosts. He was interviewing a selection of ...
by Lib Dem FoP
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Bill Gates Common Core, the Bill Gates-funded initiative to standardize education benchmarks across the country, is one of those issues that's drawing strong opposition from both left and right. ...
by Laura Clawson
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can be seen in this brief video clip, from when he addressed the National Council of State Legislators in 2009 Please note: he is thinking less from the standpoint of what is good for the ...
by teacherken
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Because Someone Raised The Bar To Six Feet And Yelled "Jump Higher," Or If Her “ Poor ” Performance Is Used To Punish Her Coach!. It is time for parents to address this new concept of "...
by kavips
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In October of 2005, Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes magazine, wrote a piece called Talent Wars . In it he recalls flying on a Delta Shuttle flight with Bill Gates when he had asked him, “What ...
by Bud Meyers
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Morning Open Thread is here every day at 6:30 am EDT. Quote of the Day : If you want a vision of the future, imagine Washington-backed Google Glasses strapped onto vacant human faces — forever.
by Dartagnan
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Bill Gates and Paul Allen first registered their company as Micro-Soft on November 26, 1976 in Albuquerque New Mexico and had revenues of $16,005 that year. On January 1, 1979, the company moved ...
by Bud Meyers
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