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The problem with Blue Dogs is that they're fundamentally obtuse, so smug and secure in their superiority that they're unable to adjust to shifting political realities.
by kos
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November 3rd is the first day of the next election cycle. So, let's talk a little strategy about what Progressives need to accomplish. To draw from the lessons of previous mistakes and losses, like ...
by jsamuel
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Yeah yeah, the papers are all talking about the deadly Republican Wave, the chilling rebuke to Obama and the Democratic agenda and progressivism and civil society as we know it. Oh no, the ...
by bluehen96
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The nation's most unpopular senator still refuses to own up to her failures . Speaking to Arkansas Public Radio in ...
by kos
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When I was at Netroots Nation on Thursday, I pointed out why a majority in the House of members with D’s next to their names isn’t as valuable as a majority populated by Better Democrats:
by Mac DAlessandro
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Given the light shone on the White House's disdainful views of organized labor after the recent pyrrhic Lincoln primary victory in Arkansas, we may be reaching a critical, and potentially perilous ...
by Vtdblue
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In the wake of Sen. Blanche Lincoln's narrow renomination over challenger Bill Halter, and the subsequent spat between the White House and organized labor, ...
by Laurence Lewis
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It was a tough loss, 10,000 votes. Bill Halter might have even upset Blanche Lincoln in the primary run-off had his stronghold of Garland County not dropped the number of polling places from 42 to 2,
by PaulLoeb
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As a follow to my dairy yesterday, AFL-CIO: "Labor isn’...
by TomP
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Cross-posted at Politics and Other Random Topics Before starting this little rant, I'd like to say ...
by NMLib
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This was the letter I just posted on Organizing for America. Emanuel's reprehensible comments--like anyone couldn't figure out who the anonymous White house figure was--on unions after Blanche ...
by Hoomai29
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Hi, folks. This is Adam Green with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Stephanie Taylor, one of my co-founders, just sent out this email to our members. She's on a plane, so I wanted to share ...
by AdamGreen
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You just threw away a Senate seat for no reason. Labor will save money this year because they won't have to spend any money in the Arkansas general election, whereas they would ...
by ShadowSD
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It wasn't a bad idea for Labor groups to pour money into a primary challenge to ...
by Benintn
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I expected to just post a reply on some blog about Blanche Lincoln's "win" over Bill Halter. But that would not give this issue the visibility it cries for. I have been involved in the Election ...
by patginsd
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I'll be honest. I was kinda agnostic about the Halter-Lincoln race. On the one hand, Blanche Lincoln clearly backstabbed the labor movement in 2009 and 2010 and some of her comments on ...
by psychodrew
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Blanche Lincoln’s victory or as some are calling upset over Bill Halter I think gives some important lessons to those who think you can come in and decide local elections by trying to ...
by Forgiven
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Bill Halter lost last night by four percentage points ... It might as well have been 20. I am confused, angered, upset, but most of all just absolutely stunned. I just do not understand how over ...
by ekimsitruc
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Someone at the White House decided to call Politico's Ben Smith to say ...
by rbc
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by vinkeith
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