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Today is the last day to vote at Change.org . Currently in 7th place is this ...
by Civil Writes Activist
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Glad to be back to the world of Kos. Was out of country for months and was extremely busy. I missed the thrilling political season but our hopes are in right direction and I am quite optimistic ...
by atomicprince
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www.VoteforChange.com is probably on everyone's radar-- hell there is probably an advertisement in a banner somewhere on this page. We all know the Obama ...
by ElizabethAgainstWar
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Here are some photos from Bruce Springsteen's appearance at the Ohio State University campus this evening, for the Vote For Change rally.
by jmknapp
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Sorry, this is not a real diary. Like yesterday in Philly, Bruce is playing for Obama. Today in Columbus, Ohio. Enjoy!
by GrannyOPhilly
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I live in Colorado and I've made literally thousands of phone calls for VoteForChange. Leading into last week I focused on getting people signed up for mail in ballots. Starting last week I ...
by FTCVoter
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One of the few positive results of the Vietnam War is the irresistible momentum it gave Congress to pass legislation lowering the voting age to 18. I was proud to be a part of that movement in ...
by Senator Edward M Kennedy
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...And you may need to as well!
by mhopeg
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1- The Exclusionary Polls If you're one of the 20 million Americans who have ...
by Turnquest
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How the Stonybrook college democrats chapter in Long Island, New York registered 700 college students to vote in only 24 hours!
by NY College Dems
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by kath25
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If you are in Austin for Netroots Nation, you are invited to stop by the coffee shop and hang out and participate in the fun and joy that is live blogging... ...and/or get properly sworn ...
by cskendrick
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I'm heading to Austin in the morning, and wanted to post this one more time before I leave. Want to turn Texas blue with kath25 and me?
by casperr
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A Texas win may be a longshot for Obama, but even if he doesn't win the state, there's a good chance Dems will make gains in downticket races. Barack Obama and Howard Dean are planning to make ...
by casperr
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The new [Rasmussen pollhttp://rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/election_20082/2008_presidential_election/texas/election_2008_texas_presidential_election] shows what I've been feeling for ...
by kath25
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There are 6.6 million Americans (excluding the military) living overseas, which would make them the 17th most populous state if they were somehow combined (
by distraught
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So, I came across something called Overseas Citizens Voters Week , which is taking place between Saturday, June 28th and Monday, ...
by distraught
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Want to help turn Texas Blue ? Want to spend an afternoon with fellow Kossacks and local volunteers making a real difference?
by casperr
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Today on Obama's website, when I clicked on Make Calls , I got this message: Congratulations! You have made calls from coast ...
by distraught
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Your Part of the 50 State Campaign has begun with the same sort of effort that was the start of Barrack Obama's public life. Obama's first months in Chicago were spent registering voters in an ...
by SmithsLastWord
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