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Republicans in Ohio have come up with a new poll tax to keep the poor/young/liberal leaning folks from voting. Tucked into a Voter ID bill (HB 189) is a provision that residents would have to ...
by StarbucksGirl51
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August 9, 2014, Ferguson Missouri, black man shot by cop, left on ground, dead, ID: Michael Brown. Early morning April 12, 2015, 26-year-old Freddie Gray made eye contact with Baltimore police ...
by The Reasonable Voice
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Ok, so photo ID is the law of the land in many states. The NCSL places state-level voter ID laws in one of the following categories: From Wikipedia Strict photo ID in effect: Georgia, Indiana, ...
by stophurtingamerica
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In a teleconference with supporters last week, North Carolina NAACP president Rev. Dr. William J. Barber (whom our own Denise Oliver Velez has called "a fiery prophet for social justice" ) previewed ...
by DocDawg
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short one but this takes the cake Throw the book at him! Maximum term consecutive sentences.
by Dave the Wave
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Issue Social Security cards with the recipient's photo. Petitioner suggests that there are numerous benefits to be gained by improving the Social Security card by adding the recipient's photo to ...
by zendogbasso
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The Nevada Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections introduced Senate Bill 433, which would restrict early voting. Voting on Sundays during the early voting period ahead of next year'
by StarbucksGirl51
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"The devil’s greatest trick is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist."
by LizWarrenWriter
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On the list of cases released Monday that the U.S. Supreme Court has chosen not to hear is the Wisconsin voter ...
by Meteor Blades
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Send this to anyone who claims that there is no difference between the parties: [Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of Wisconsin Voter ID Law http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2015-03-23/...
by Bethesda 1971
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Members of this site won't need to be informed about the GOP effort to disfranchise minority and democratic voters by enacting "voter ID" laws. There is something we can do about it. Read on.
by zendogbasso
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It was only a matter of time before the subject came up again. We all knew it would. The dog whistles are screaming; voter fraud, electioneering, ballot security. Yup, you guessed it - the ...
by Dingodude
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Republicans have come up with another exciting new way to make it difficult for people to use food ...
by Laura Clawson
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In the span of just two weeks, Wisconsin Gov.
by Jon Perr
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Those are the final words of a powerful Washington Post op ed by Carol Anderson, Associate Professor of African American studies and history at Emory University, among other things. The full title ...
by teacherken
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I would contribute to that project. My friend here in Hawaii is 88 years old. She needs $40 to get her new Hawaii ID. She needs to furnish them with marriage certificates to a marriage she doesn't ...
by 88kathy
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Democrats need a wake up call. Sure, GOP put up roadblocks and had a huge propaganda machine to disillusion voters, especially the poor and working poor. But let's face it: The poor and working ...
by shpilk
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There are other more serious issues with voter ID laws than this. But, it is always something that has bothered me. Those of us who do not drive (and there are a great many in some states like NY) ...
by futurebird
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I'm a Texas Election Judge in the shrinking blue dot that is Austin, Travis County. Right on the border with very conservative Williamson County, our Precinct gets a lot of lost voters and many ...
by mikeconwell
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This is my first diary here, and I'm up at quarter to 11 to find out what The Daily Show had to say about what happened at the polls this year. When I heard the word 'bloodbath' come out of Jon ...
by TheCat67
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