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Hey everyone. My first diary in a long while. Something I've been mulling for years and just never seen articulated quite in this way. So here goes, and I'll try to keep it short. All this recent ...
by pistols at dawn
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by Jon Perr
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While musing about potential Republican presidential candidates with the round-table crew on ABC's This Week , Bill Kristol let out the ...
by Joan McCarter
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In his announcement speech on Monday, ophthalmologist turned GOP White House hopeful Rand Paul recounted his pro bono work ...
by Jon Perr
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John Boehner not moving his lips. That's at ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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As we learned yesterday that professional puppeteer Bill Kristol, and all-round sceezy guy, has no shortage of Bad Advice, to give us -- an otherwise nation of mostly 'good people' ... • [the ...
by jamess
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A little Photoshop commentary. With apologies to Billy Crystal. I really hope Haaretz publishes this before the Israeli election.
by mcd
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The Freshman Senator: Tom Cotton R-AR, and primary sponsor to that " just kidding " Letter to Iran. EIC: Right Wing PAC devoted to keeping the Middle East a powder keg of turmoil. Emergency ...
by jamess
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Insanity. Sheer insanity. “Popular culture becomes a cesspool, a lot corporations profit off of it, and then people are surprised that some drunk 19-year-old kids repeat what they’ve been ...
by Shaun King
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On the web site for White House Petitions ("We The People"), there are 7 petitions calling for the prosecution of Cotton et al. One has collected over 125,000 signatures in less than 24 hours. That'
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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This is what is called a trial balloon. Bill Kristol, the biggest cheerleader behind the Iraq invasion, Sarah Palin and a host of other disasters, claimed on ABC's This Week with George ...
by Intheknow
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The year 2010 was huge for Republicans, and not just because of their overwhelming triumph in the midterm elections. Five years ago, the GOP made two very big promises to the American people. On ...
by Jon Perr
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The dumbest man on television? The neoconservative uberpundit Bill Kristol continues to have theories on why he continues to find an American program of torturing ...
by Hunter
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Gosh and we all know how successful Bill's predictions are : First, celebration. Republicans are sober and conservatives are .  .  . conservative. Neither group has a reputation as party ...
by LaFeminista
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Bill Kristol. Bill Kristol . Bill Kristol . No matter how you say it, the name exudes wrongness the way a slug exudes slime. What Elvis was to rock 'n roll, Bill Kristol is to being wrong. The King. ...
by Retroactive Genius
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It has been an irony-filled couple days for the pundit class. First, we had David Brooks bemoaning the dismantling of government entities and public institutions designed to combat big problems . ...
by Bob Johnson
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The signs, as the likes of Vox , Bloomberg ...
by Jon Perr
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Reports are coming in from across America today that people have started panic-buying food, water and weapons in preparation for the End Times. The reason for their terror is the revelation that ...
by Retroactive Genius
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The fifth circle of hell is just Bill Kristol and Laura Ingraham discussing foreign policy for an eternity .
by Hunter
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Bill Kristol, in an interview with Laura Ingraham (because of course), articulates his very deep thoughts on his top notch foreign policy ideas for handling the ISIS situation. From the ...
by FraidKnot
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