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If you're looking for innovation by American companies to save us, don't hold your breath. Sure there are innovators and companies started by them. The problem is that they are not instantly ...
by arendt
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David Stockman, who was Ronald Reagan's Director of Office of Management and Budget from 1981 to 1981, says what honest people already know: Ben Bernanke and today's Federal Reserve are hostage to ...
by eXtina
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NOTE: I WILL BE DELETING THIS DIARY AROUND 3:15PM, EST. Previous post left the Rec List, despite my update (which was a few mins. too late). But, it's back on the Rec List, so I'm ...
by bobswern
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Crossposted from Hillbilly Report. As a Progressive Democrat and a working American these last ten ...
by RDemocrat
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In two months we will make a decision in the voting booths that will have an impact on the economic future of our country and the people who live here. It has become painfully apparent that the ...
by voice for independents
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I have discussed the tax cuts and what was needed to move the economy forward on my blog avoiceforindependentvoters.com. After watching various news shows and listening to the politicians, ...
by voice for independents
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Now that Wall Street, the Banks, BP, and the S&P (Credit Rating Agency) are all in the process of what I would call (Ohnozzzzze) the final Corporate takeover of our nation, by turning on President ...
by Badabing
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The Koch brothers. A work in bloated and unbridled greed. I betcha that except for GOP minority leaders ...
by Libby Shaw
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Popping The Have’s “Credibility Bubble “ By Susan C. Strong These days it’s pretty much agreed that our country is at risk of a double dip recession ...
by SusanCStrong
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Robin Hood had its world premier last night at the Cannes Film Festival and could be a major summer blockbuster. As this timeless story comes back into our cultural consciousness, I'd like to take a ...
by RiseUpEconomics
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Crossposted from Hillbilly Report. We have all seen that Republicans are going to do ...
by RDemocrat
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In a word, it's looting. Private Equity firms are looters, predators, symptoms of overly concentrated wealth. What they do is buy existing companies, sell off their assets and load them up ...
by Azazello
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The economic news is bleak... In Time Magazine this week, there was an article about micro loans being used in New York and now Omaha, Nebraska to create small scale entrepreneurs. This is a ...
by Woodworker
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More reaction from the financial industry and Dennis Kucinich as the final shape of HCR in America takes place. The surge in health care stocks has already been the topic of a Dylan Ratigan-...
by pentacon
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From Bloomberg:
by bink
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Via our buddy at Calculated Risk comes this news story from ...
by bink
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Everyone agrees Wall St.bonuses are outrageous, and mostly undeserved. The question then becomes: how do we deal with them?
by myles spicer
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Via Balloon Juice , I just came across a post by the ...
by thereisnospoon
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read Scott's other articles here: http://www.examiner.com/x-9210-Boston-Liberal-Examiner~y2009m7d23-Another-violation-of-our-foolish-trust-as-cashstrapped-banks-send-their-TARP-funds-...
by Scott Gibbs
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As often happens to me, two trains of thought tend to talk to one another with interesting results. (Or perhaps, just give rise to exciting train-wrecks.) If you look at my diaries page, you will ...
by arendt
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