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Many Americans recognize that the introduction of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards was a key tools to reduce US oil demand in face of OPEC's emergence and the various oil ...
by A Siegel
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No matter how many times we’ve seen it before, the frenzy for launching a military attack on another country is -- to the extent we’re not numb -- profoundly upsetting. Tanked up with talking ...
by NormanSolomon
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Watching a group of intransigent lawmakers vowing to block action on popular legislation, while others in their party scramble to distance themselves from the mossbacks, calls to mind another ...
by Crashing Vor
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] Rarely do I regret publishing political essays as first draft spit-outs (all of my political work is), but yesterday was definitely one of those days, there ...
by paradox
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Now that Rush Limbaugh is losing face, his new ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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The very first thing that struck me as exceptionally odd in this George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin fiasco came almost immediately after the news broke that he had shot a teenage boy dead. It had ...
by Marinade Dave
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Did you know that CBS hired Fox's Frank Luntz? Yes, the news organization that brought us Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Mike Wallace, Charles Kuralt, Roger Mudd, Ed Bradley, Bob Schieffer and Harry ...
by Tortmaster
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I remember it being very late at night yet three generations of my family were still awake, glued to the television watching grainy, black-and-white, live images from the moon. The moon! Walter ...
by Charley James
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Rachel LaBruyere @raylab truth. RT @GabiMGarcia: If you've been shunned by Muppets, that's irrefutable proof that you're a horrible person. It's over. Chick-Fil-A has officially lost. The Muppets ...
by jpmassar
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I remember.
by Polly Syllabic
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Yes, it is possible for us to avert the worst of global warming. Our children and grandchildren have a right to a livable planet, and we can deliver it to them. It can be done.
by James Wells
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UPDATE : Thanks for keeping it mostly civil. The discussion of the diary includes comments from someone trying to refute what I think is scientific consensus, that the ...
by James Wells
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by Adept2u
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Most of you probably know that the very Klassy Mark Halperin has been suspended from MSNBC for calling the President of the United States a “dick” on national television. I grow ever weary of ...
by TheSolipsisticMe
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My heart and prayers honestly go out to the Japanese people. Seeing the carnage left behind by the tsunami makes me wonder if they would ever be able to clean-up and rebuild- or if they would even ...
by grannycarol
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This is another Olbermann diary. I am stunned. I am sad. I feel like another true progressive voice, has been silenced -- talk about First Amendment Remedies! You see Keith Olbermann ...
by jamess
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Funny as it might be, I have a graduate degree in journalism. Each night when Keith signs off his show with "good night and good luck" I always smile. It is kind of a long story why. But maybe a ...
by webranding
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During my suspension weekend before last I got an email from the delightfully and improbably named Autumn Brewington, inviting me to contribute an Op-Ed piece to The Washington Post on the topic of ...
by Keith Olbermann
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No one (except the Marketing Department at CNN) ever said that Rick Sanchez was the brightest bulb in the marquee and I have to go with the majority on that. I did, however, find Rick interesting ...
by bunnygirl60
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When I was born, my parents had been able to provide for two older children thanks to their work on government projects in Philadelphia. They were able to purchase a small home in another ...
by Little Lulu
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