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Providing more evidence that pressure from progressive groups helps move policy to the left, Wednesday night President Obama inspired rejoicing in the LGBT community when he announced that he ...
by Doctor Jazz
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When in the course of Human Events ... it becomes necessary to find out what "stuff" means; and then to claim those 'intended meanings' as our individual Birth-rights ... The Final Text of the ...
by jamess
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About 20 years before there was a Progressive Party in the U.S. -- the Populist Party was all the rage. An Overview of Populism by Charles Postel, San Francisco State University In the early ...
by jamess
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Election Over So today's The Day, The Koch Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You. ...
by thinkingblue
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It's four days of glorifying militarized police and their deadly toys. It's a convention which markets death via its trade show and whose 2013 publicity has a picture of commandos on a BART train ...
by jpmassar
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This diary explores the reasons We the People enacted laws allowing corporations to exist in the first place.
by davej
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by Egberto Willies
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... 27 bills which made it harder to vote in America: Politicians Are Beginning to Realize Voter Suppression Is a Bad Idea by Crystal Shepeard, truth-out.org -- 11 April 2014 [...] Before the 2012 ...
by jamess
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I made an off-handed comment in a post recently, that: I think: Federal Finance Reform (aka limited public financing of Elections) and Transparency and Steep Taxing of Lobbyist Activities -- ...
by jamess
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Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks to people in a way that few have in recent years. Senator Warren speaks with conviction and common sense. Senator Warren speaks for our common working class interests,
by jamess
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Note: This is a repost of an earlier post of mine, with a few substantial revisions, given current events. History of the Word Filibuster from NPR, All Things Considered,
by jamess
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"We the People." How many of us have really thought through the implications of these three words? Can people today even imagine a government that is on the side of We the People, instead of being ...
by davej
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Ted Cruz recently told the world he thinks he is only doing what God wants. Does that mean God also told Ted Cruz to fold in the face of the larger reality of the US Senate Vote to end the shutdown ...
by jamess
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The framers of the Constitution did a lot of things right. The system of checks and balances was a brilliant departure from the notion of government that prevailed elsewhere in the world in 1789. ...
by Tim DeLaney
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Why do the Tea Party Villagers always get to rule the Congressional roost? Why is it their angst and confusion , which always sets the debates of the day, after Do-nothing day? Here's a writer ...
by jamess
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A week or two ago I got in the mail from a Hillsdale College its survey on the U.S. Constitution, and found it to have a misleading, teabag bent. So, I edited it for relevance and clarity. ( ...
by hungeski
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In Portland Oregon, economic times are hard, elsewhere too I would assume. Good Jobs are hard find. Economic Futures are hard to predict. Sometimes social media support turns against you -- and ...
by jamess
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in response to someone who was insisting that violating one's oath - or what in my case would be an affirmation - is pretty much unacceptable under any circumstance. I am not going to promote this ...
by teacherken
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After the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to allow policing authorities to force arrestees to submit DNA samples and humiliating strip searches before even being charged with a crime ignited ...
by lbines
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by jamess
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