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No need to worry, Zach Braff And Donald Faison have got your back! Just because some people in Indiana refuse to cater gay weddings doesn't mean all hope is lost. Zach Braff and Donald Faison, who ...
by Older and Wiser Now
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Disney always comes through when you need it. This past month there were some pretty big things in the news: Donald Sterling is a racist and just recently sold the Clippers for $2 Billion. ...
by SusieSampson
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Diane Ravitch shared this on her blog. I thought it might bring some joy to people here.
by teacherken
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Yes, I know my last name is Bernstein 28 years ago today Leaves on the Current and I got married in an Orthodox Wedding. It was a Sunday afternoon. It was not an Orthodox synagogue, because I was ...
by teacherken
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Why? Because he's got a lot on his mind. In addition to attempting to ruin the United States and put us on a collision course with economic disaster, he's also had to deal with his daughter getting ...
by Animeraider
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But that's still no reason to call the Westboro Baptist Church. By Bob Lawrence ABC CHULA VISTA, Calif. - A historic wedding in the South Bay went on as scheduled despite opposition from some ...
by CA148 NEWS
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A happy couple I know celebrates their first wedding anniversary soon and I wish them all the best. I don't have to tell them how lucky they are to have found each other; they know that already. ...
by Richard Riis
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The LGBTQ community deserves absolute support in their pursuit for social and legal equality, and it is utterly ridiculous that we are still arguing about gay marriage, such a thing should ...
by ladyrhiannon824
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by marrying Michelle 20 years ago.
by LieparDestin
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Hard to imagine Romney doing anything like this: Obama leaves wedding gifts and note for Iowa couple Neither the bride nor the groom is a registered Democrat, but they were thrilled. Classiest ...
by GreenCajun
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I got engaged about 3 months ago to a wonderful man that I’ve been with for about 4 years. We own a house and two kitties together. We were planning on getting married after I finish college, ...
by SuzieQ4624
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"I guess I'll never see the light. I get the blues every night since I fell for you," sings Gladys Knight back in the 60's. That was when I met my husband, from whom I'm divorcing in just a ...
by people power granny
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No politics, no snark, no startling news. Just a personal vid. Been fairly scarce 'round here this week. For a beautiful reason.
by Crashing Vor
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Just wanted to finally get these wedding photos to my Kossack buddies. Many of you know that my podcast partner, Driftglass , and I got married last month.
by Blue Gal
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Recently I attended a Quaker wedding. Having now introduced the subject of this entire post, the temptation is to add a sufficient qualifier. None of the most common phrases used sounds especially ...
by cabaretic
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The world's major television channels were tuned into the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday, as crowds thronged the route to Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace in ...
by jhonanant
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Oh yeah, it's starting to sink in. But I've been thinking a lot about what it means to get married.
by Mortifyd
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Hi friends. No job offer from Killeen ISD. I wasn't even notified by them. Our wedding anniversary is coming up. It is August 23. We have been separated almost 6 months now. And I thought that ...
by math4barack
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Agreed, it's pure puff - but I just thought there should be a photo album celebrating the wedding of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky.
by dmhlt 66
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Chelsea Clinton wedding ...
by Defoliate Bush
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