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This is short and sweet. My students think Halloween should be like Thanksgiving, a moving holiday. Join me on the flip for more.
by atmplant
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About my personal situation and how things are different here than in the UK.
by avalonbear
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I could use some help from my fellow Daily Kos members. About two years I started working for myself. Doing consulting and/or freelance work. The same thing I did 9-5 for the last 20 years, just ...
by webranding
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Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman have introduced a 12-page bill that rivals the PATRIOT act and Military Commissions Act as the most short-sighted and therefore frightening ...
by midgebaker
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Hello Again DK: I'm writing to explain yet another issue that is being neglected in the Financial Reform package. The CC companies, and banks are considering charging a premium to process "...
by unsilentmajority
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The Billionaires for Wealthcare thanked Senator Mitch McConnell for his outstanding ...
by www dcfightsback org
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After reading the many diaries and listening to the incessant whining coming from the left, I realize people don't understand our Government.
by tennegirl
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As we all know, young women are often forced into continuing an unplanned pregnancy by the now clearly deliberately high costs of abortion, assuring an unbroken supply of wanted but unaffordable ...
by Andiamo
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My husband and I recently moved. As always with moving comes going through old items, and disgarding them. I found a box of old medical bills. It was the size of a banana box, but inside was six ...
by MichiganBorn
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Hello folks, I am a young cancer survivor, I was 34 when diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and now I am 39, I am currently in remission and trying to keep it that way, but I am unable to ...
by ArtemisBSG
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...started with Ethel’s (names have been changed) husband’s being laid off from (insert name of large computer firm here—I think she’d prefer this remain anonymous) in ...
by legadillo
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Update [2009-8-18 9:24:47 by Marcus Lewis]: I changed title to include "My Healthcare Horror Story". A college student pulling an all nighter to finish off a term paper heard his ...
by Marcus Lewis
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I began writing this as a comment to shanikka's GREAT diary What "...
by La Gitane
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Just one in a million but you put them all together and you have a health care system severely broken. My wife is sitting on the couch in our living room. She has what's known as a pic line in her ...
by Acebass
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Please, please, just for six months. Give me a chance to put a little away, to get caught up on my rent. I think the Good Great GoldiSachs would be ever so nice and take care of you in the meantime.
by La Gitane
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Today there was a vote on the floor of the Senate to basically cap interest rates on credit cards, the details of which can be ...
by chriscom
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[referenced in previous diary, "The Monsanto Connection"] We are having trouble figuring out why Monsanto made Percy Schmeiser a hero for the growing movement against GMOs, but we don’t have ...
by rds2301
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In a time in our economy where good news is hard to come by, I have some great news. I no longer have a car payment, and it feels damned good! I made my last payment to Lexus Financial, and now my ...
by Leslie123
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IMHO because that is what it's target should be. Most of the country has suffered from stagnant wages and increasing costs of living for the last several years. Now we are losing our jobs and tax ...
by bluetonic
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With an illegal pro-forma session which lasted all of thirty seconds (the term of the house ended at midnight on the 2nd, and this session was at 11:57 AM on the third), The 110th congress, the ...
by notwisconsin
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