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I'll be the first to say, no, I really don't understand corporate compensation beyond the basics. But I think we can agree that if executives are paid huge salaries and bonuses in cash, and other ...
by Shaviv
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Lately, pirate attacks on shipping have either become much more severe, or much better publicized - I'm honestly not sure - either way, we hear about it more. A few weeks ago, the Ukrainian ship ...
by Shaviv
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The Frankenstein story is an old one: man meddles with things which should be not meddled with by man, gets burned by it. But Mary Shelly's novel did more than just attach a name to that old tale of ...
by Shaviv
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The idea of micropower is a neat one, sure enough. We've been told that rooftop generators, using wind power or natural gas-fed fuel cells, will enable their owners to at the very least cut their ...
by Shaviv
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Just a funny image I made...
by JeffDres
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I'm spurred to write this diary based on the experience of seeing someone throw chairs. Now you might think, "What the hell does thrown chairs have anything to do with mad science?" So I'll tell you.
by Shaviv
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I have - and no offense Wassillians, it is a very nice suburb that once wasn't part of Anchorage's horrific concrete sprawl, but you are like - what? -two PBR's and a shot of moonshine from Mayberry-...
by tampamatt
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Prosthetics have existed for a long time, because for much of human history, people have been losing parts of their bodies and yet wanting to continue getting around and handling objects around them.
by Shaviv
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You know how telecommunication has been revolutionizing industry and all that? I'm sure you do. And we as individuals get no small benefit, also. I can phone someone on the other side of the world, ...
by Shaviv
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Plenty of predictions about the future, whether speculative fiction or actual policy goals of governments, involve robots that walk, roll or fly around human beings. They go about their business. ...
by Shaviv
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I've been thinking (uh-oh, right?)... not about technology, this week, but about war. You know, the fact that it's full of stupidity, tragedy, and the irony people who are hardly any different from ...
by Shaviv
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How many of us read fiction? I definitely should raise my hand here. How about fantasy or science fiction, dealing with places that never were or cannot be, or have not had the opportunity to come ...
by Shaviv
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Steam power is a staple of... well, an awful lot of fiction, as well as a fair amount of reality. It gives you a lot of horsepower. It's not the most efficient way of turning differences in heat ...
by Shaviv
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Wastage is a real problem in our modern economy. Look at this nonsense - we buy everything packaged in plastic of one sort or another, right? And then we use it once or twice and throw it out. There'...
by Shaviv
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The thing about airplanes, you know, is that airplanes get lift through aerodynamic factors like the Bernoulli effect, angle of attack, and so on. Those phenomena don't care (if anything can "care") ...
by Shaviv
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Many of us have wished for the ability to use psychic powers. After all, wouldn't things like telekinesis be wonderful? No need to get up to get a beer. Just wave your hand and the beer will drift ...
by Shaviv
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Lightning must surely have been a fascinating sight for our far distant ancestors. After all, they might have seen it start fires, turn sand into glass, or strike down their fellows. It is also ...
by Shaviv
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Those of us who are into science fiction (readers of Heinlein, e.g.) have known about this idea of "powered exoskeletons" for a while. If you've seen the Aliens movies, you know what I mean - that ...
by Shaviv
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The concept of using sound as a weapon is pretty old. I would say it goes back (at least) to the legend of the Israelites' attack on Jericho, where the priests were ordered to blow trumpets, and the ...
by Shaviv
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At the beginning of the twentieth century, diabetes was in many ways a death sentence. Things we take for granted now, like the development of an insulin supply for medical uses, did not exist. Only ...
by Shaviv
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