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FWIW ... Why The New SEAL Ad Is As Outrageous As The Obama Leaks It's Attacking by Geoffrey Ingersoll, businessinsider.com -- August 17, 2012 Operational OpSec Education Fund's recent video, is ...
by jamess
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Instead of disgracing their service, but more important their brothers and sisters active and veteran service, young and old!
by jimstaro
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The OPSEC group says it is not political and aims to save American lives. Really, non political? Then why the attack and just before the election? Just like the 'swiftboaters', of the bush but those ...
by jimstaro
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I have been waiting for a diary on this but have seen none. So here is what I have been able to find. Shakil Afridi was convicted of treason over the scheme to identfy Osama bin Laden through DNA.
by Olympia
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(click for larger version)
by Matt Bors
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The Republicans will do anything to turn this Bin Laden issue into a controversy. They want to make it about how the President is bragging. They want to make it about how Obama is not giving the ...
by coolelegans
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Back in a time when bin Laden was still Wanted -- Dead or Alive ... In an invincible era when Republicans were " spiking the football " at every opportunity -- America was told the iconic story of ...
by jamess
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I grew up in a hunting household. My mother and her husband were big game hunters and fisher-folk of the first magnitude which is why, perhaps, we ended up living in Montana, near the best trout ...
by V Mason
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Nobody likes to talk about it - not the Administration, not Obama's primary opponents, not even the Republican Party. (Obama's opponents are happy to leave the topic unmentioned - never interfere ...
by Elwood Dowd
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No kidding. On the anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden, Mitt Romney on the campaign trail appeared with Rudy noun-verb-9/11 Giuliani near Ground Zero, in some very unfortunate timing . ...
by eXtina
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You know that President Obama killing Osama is killing the GOP and wingers everywhere. They sound like stuck pigs as they try everything possible to diminish the achievement of removing the biggest ...
by eXtina
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March 21, 2012: Karl Rove wrote an Op Ed in Rupert Murdoch's WSJ. In Rove's OpEd he intentionally edited President Clinton's words to, naturally politicize Bin Laden's Killing and to give the "...
by cc
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So the Republicans really think that the President has no right to politicize the killing of Bin Laden. Well lets take a quick look at the comparison and see if he earned the right.
by Olympia
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Mitt Romney seems to think that saying "even Jimmy Carter" is setting the bar so low that jumping over is no big feat. Im here to set the record straight and show that Mitt Romney isnt fit to clean ...
by ksuwildkat
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It turns out that one of my predictions has actually come true. The Mitt Romney campaign just released the identity of the Navy Seal who killed Bin Laden. Yes, it was Mittens himself.
by SocioSam
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Today is March 19. In recent history, this date has become synonymous with the start date of two American wars. Iraq in 2003, and Libya one year ago today. Today's a fine day to remind ourselves of ...
by TarantinoDork
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David Ignatius in todays column in the Post regarding bin Laden's vague plans to kill President Obama had a nugget that made me laugh out loud. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-bin-laden-
by bgx
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How to win the upcoming war with ...
by eman1234
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I recently read about former FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill's devotion to stopping global terrorism, and the tragic consequences. So I created this cartoon in his memory.
by thefarleftside
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It is apparent those of you on the left are depending on Obama to do all the heavy lifting while the GOP unleashes Romney. ( That is if the're not stupid enough to vote Newt in). You've utilized ...
by projectscm
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