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appears on p. 158 of the new book by former CIA #2 Michael Morrell, a book titled The Great War of Our Time: The CIA's Against Terrorism From Al Qaeda to ISIS . It is in the context of the planning ...
by teacherken
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The White House Correspondents' Association hosts their annual dinner. This year's program entertainment is comedian and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. http://www.c-span.org/WHCD/
by Scarce
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Bush Makes Joke of The Sacrifice of U.S. Troops In Iraq On this day of reflection, it is important for Americans to really see the kind of people who are running this Country. It ...
by The Angry Independent
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At least one member of the Fourth Estate has finally caught on to the sheer wrongness that is the White House Correspondents Dinner, that annual farce whereby journalists gush at the chance ...
by Georgia Logothetis
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If you are among the few lefties (or are among the even fewer righties reading this) who have not see Stephen Colbert's 24-...
by mwmwm
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At the recent Correspondent's Dinner, there was a verbal altercation between a preimminent American entertainer and everybody's favorite Presidential adviser. Karl Rove implied that one of America'...
by lordbronco
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I touched on the Sheryl Crow-Karl Rove incident at the painfully unfunny White House Correspondents Association dinner, where Crow and Laurie David tried to engage Rove on the subject of global ...
by dday
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I am back from the Progressive States Network's first annual gala in conjunction with the National Conference of State Legislatures meeting in ...
by davidsirota
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I have been following with great admiration Laurie David and Sheryl Crow's Stop Global Warming College Tour . They started in Texas and ended up in DC. ...
by jamesboyce
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It had to be said. And as a Canadian, I have to apologize on behalf of this unfunny man who originated from my country. You suck, Mr. Little. And you embarrassed my country with your witless ...
by STOP George
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I heard a hearsay report of a confrontation between Sheryl Crow, Laurie David, and Karl Rove on Good Morning America today. The anchor whose name I don't know said that she was freshly back ...
by retaj
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After last year's debacle, in which the White House Correspondents Dinner featured Stephen Colbert being actually funny ([video herehttp://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-869183917758574879&q=owner%
by Laura Clawson
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I don't know how many of my fellow Kossaks are watching this tonight, but if you are and want to join me for some commentary about this year's dinner, turn on C-SPAN1 and let's see if this year's ...
by uniongal
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...was the name of the play and thematic song in Mel Brooks, “The Producers.” It popped into my mind as I watched Karl Rove and George W. Bush do their routines at this weeks annual ...
by arodb
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or, Somebody Talk Me Out of Boycotting "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" I think I want ...
by Black Max
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Yes, I am sure the very thought expressed in my headline was going through the minds of many in the media and the Bush administration last night, at the White house Correspondent's Dinner. As the ...
by Hornito
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The best ever would have to be the Colbert one, but the one I'm talking about is theorhetical and exists only in the confines of my obnoxious little mind. I didn't see the real one, but I'...
by shadetree mortician
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by paddykraska
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Most have of you have no doubt already heard about the choice of Rich Little to headline the White House Correspondents Association dinner this year. Clearly they are engaging in a bit of over-...
by KingOneEye
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I only wish I were making this up: Rich Little won't be mentioning Iraq or ratings when he ...
by Phoenix Woman
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