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In 1853 Commodore Matthew C. Perry brought the American Navy to Japan and forced Japan to end its policy of isolation from the rest of the world. In the negotiations, the Japanese government had ...
by Ojibwa
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We're talking about Wendy Davis: Meet Senator Wendy Davis from Generation TX on Vimeo .
by grog
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In 1830 Red Jacket, the most famous Seneca orator, died in New York at the age of 74. Seneca writer, historian, and archaeologist Arthur Caswell Parker described the deathbed scene this way: “
by Ojibwa
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The congressional office of Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann has announced that Christian Lights Publishers , of Emmaus, MN will be publishing the congresswoman's autobiography. The biography ...
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General Alexandre Dumas, Musée Alexandre Dumas, Villers-Cotterëts Tom Reiss' book, The Black ...
by Susan Grigsby
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If you've seen the Sistine Chapel, you know how sublime it is. I'm not surprised that they failed fifteen times before they got it right. Some stories bring epiphanies, they strike you like light ...
by Brecht
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by shortfinals
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Henry Cloud was born in 1884 (1882 or 1886 according to some sources) to the Winnebago Bear Clan (or possibly the Bird Clan) on the reservation in northeastern Nebraska. His tribal name was Wo-Na-Xi-...
by Ojibwa
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My doctoral work was a trifecta of marginalized scholarship since I attained an EdD (shunned second cousin to the PhD) by preparing a qualitative dissertation (closeted step-cousin of the sainted ...
by plthomasEdD
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I normally don't recommend reading David Brooks to anyone with high blood pressure or an allergy to smug condescension, but today Brooks is worth a look. He reveals the truth behind the Etch-A-...
by xaxnar
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Here at the end of youth, turning 30 at the end of this year, I find myself dwelling more and more on the past. This isn't what you'd call a midlife crisis - I'm making no desperate attempts to ...
by Troubadour
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Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas are quite probably the best known Lesbian couple in history, most likely because they wrote about themselves and that made them celebrities of a sort. We'll ...
by Dave in Northridge
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When the Europeans first encountered the Indian nations of North America they assumed that leadership must be inherited through the male line. That is, the “king” was always the son of the ...
by Ojibwa
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Tolkien is hobbit forming -Anonymous American Graffito One of the hallmarks of a professor is never knowing when to stop talking. Or writing. I had ...
by MichiganChet
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Four years ago this Thursday, a college junior named Richard took his girlfriend out to dinner. On the way back to campus, he led his girlfriend to a white gazebo in the middle of the local ...
by Elsinora
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Hiya Kossacks! So here is the stone-skinny; I am thinking about writing a biography about my Dad. I think (ya'll are welcome to tell me I am wrong) that he had an interesting life story. He was ...
by Something the Dog Said
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Usually adding data to your family ...
by Jim H
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"As a kid I was the youngest member of my family" are the opening words to Kurt Vonnegut's final collection of essays,
by plthomasEdD
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by Ojibwa
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by Ojibwa
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