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No one I know calls me William Or Willie Or Bill When I get a letter or call for William I know It's the government Or The bank A cruel trick by my parents Calling me my middle name But I like it ...
by Zwoof
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This latest revelation by David Voreacos, Elise Young, Terence Dopp, appears to be a potential bombshell. Entitled, ...
by HoundDog
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Disclaimer: I am one of those who argue that what we read on-line is not always true. Granted. However, my posting this dairy is for you to make your own ex-parte determination as to whether what ...
by Ole Texan
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"The baby, the third in line to the throne and the first Prince of Cambridge in 190 years, was born at 4.24pm weighing 8lbs 6oz with his father present at the private Lindo Wing of St Mary’s ...
by The Original Neocynic
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My apologies if this was talked about earlier, but I didn't see any links. William Kristol is picking up on a lot of chatter that I think is true. We are looking at another wave election. Could ...
by tothemaxx23
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When I first came to this country 20 years ago, Guy Fawkes Night was something of a mystery. I enjoyed the bonfires, but thought them a bit vengeful at this distance; and I missed Hallowe’en. ...
by Reverend Billy
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This little film shows Tuesday's simulcast between the London and New York OCCUPY communities. I flew out to the encampment at St. Paul's Cathedral, and we sang the 99% song together, across the ...
by Reverend Billy
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Don't give a bloody hoot about The Wedding? Well, maybe you will after seeing John Oliver's coverage from his hometown of London. After all, as his poignant report demonstrates, The Wedding was in ...
by Jed Lewison
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Why Obama has Rush right where he wants him.
by adamzero
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(and a couple other semi-related thoughts) There's a case to be made that by getting to know Bill Ayers, Obama has gotten to know how terrorists think. I wonder if that message ...
by sfrenos
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You have probably heard of this person, but don't know much about him... Can you guess who it is? *** FACULTY PROFILE Professor, Curriculum & Instruction ...
by barindersharma
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So, what does the following, demonstrate about the practice of journalism, in the US in the near and the present era, compared to say....in the '30's and '40's? What does it say about the complicity ...
by host
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It's not just Sinbad. Now a radio interview with Retired Colonel William "Goose" Changose -- the man who piloted the plane into Tuzla air base -- casts further doubt on Hillary's elaborately ...
by redglare
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