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One hundred and twenty-nine years ago today, history was made at the Haymarket Square in Chicago, Illinois. This piece of history was so critically important to the lives of working men and ...
by thanatokephaloides
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The president honored Dylan with the nation™s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom on May 29, 2012. I am pleased. He had a tremendous influence on my life. His debut ...
by don mikulecky
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♥Solidarity♥ New Yorkers Against Fracking -New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, released a draft of its New York State Energy Plan. NY State Energy Plan Public Comment ...
by rebel ga
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On this Helen Keller Day , the 133rd anniversary of her birth, I give you this brief look at her life, taken from some of her writings and speeches. (First published at The Paragraph , 2006-02-12.) ...
by hungeski
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One Struggle , an "€œanti-capitalist" group focusing on social justice / labor issues holds monthly Open Mike nights to raise funds for their publication; the events are held monthly (every ...
by Independent Musings
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We may glimpse 37 minutes of Citizens United in action thanks, apparently, to a daring food service worker in Florida who hid a camera behind $50,000 a plate asparagus.
by Richard Myers
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It was Christmas in June when this arrived in my mail box: The Big Red Songbook 250-plus IWW Songs! Editors: Archie Green, David Roediger, Franklin Rosemont, & Salvatore Salerno Charles H Kerr ...
by JayRaye
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Greetings, brothers and sisters, and welcome to our Labor Film Fest. (Okay, it's only one film, and a pretty short one at that. Feel free to add links to more in the comments, especially if anyone ...
by Crashing Vor
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Today about 200 workers at ten Minneapolis-area Jimmy John's sandwich shops will vote on joining the Industrial Workers of the World and creating the first fast-food union in the United States. The ...
by daveUSA
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LaFeminista posted a good diary about unions recently, and reading the diary and comments reminded me that despite my avid pro-union ...
by norwood
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Yesterday was the anniversary of an event that happened in my corner of the world, from the history of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World, but often called “the Wobblies”). On ...
by Dbug
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"Never be afraid to fight for what you believe in". Isn't that just what a grandpa would say to his grandchildren. My Grandfather often told me about his father, my Great Grandfather. He was ...
by BigAlinWashSt
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cross posted from The Dream ...
by davidseth
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At a time when working people are being overwhelmed by economic circumstances and the current labor leaders are falling all over themselves to support one or another Democratic Party candidate it is ...
by markin
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by davidseth
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