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Approximately once a year, I end up in the middle of a heated conversation online. Though it changes no one's mind, I try to use it as an example of how not to be goaded into losing my temper. I'm ...
by cabaretic
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An Interview with Shawn J. Parry-Giles, author of Hillary Clinton in the News By Dan Falcone Shawn J. Parry-Giles is a professor of communication and director of the Center for Political ...
by Dan Falcone
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A few years back, when I was a young lad of 65, I attended courses at San Diego State University to learn Italian in preparation for tourist trips to Italy. Would an old geezer like me be ...
by corwinabell
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You know you have really arrived when they name an academic field after you . TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly will be the journal of record for the vibrant, rapidly evolving interdisciplinary ...
by atana
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This book in its tattered dust jacket has stood on my bookshelves for more than 30 years. It once formed part of my late father’s library, so I know he must have considered it an important work. ...
by Diana in NoVa
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Up is down, black is white, and men are the world's most oppressed minority. That's why a group of brave souls have decided it's long past time for a new academic program to confront this ...
by Kaili Joy Gray
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I am taking a Women's Studies course with my sister this Autumn at the University of Cincinnati. Our first assignment was to write a self-identity paper, explaining who we are through the lens of ...
by Spencer Troxell
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In the eye of John McCain, a doll that had a modern look but a 1957 mentality would be more than a perfect running mate. We only have to look back into doll history to see that the perfect model for ...
by LRLine
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I understand that the term I use in the headline is problematic and may cause offense to some -- rest assured it is not a word I feel comfortable using in my personal life, even with my guy friends ...
by FreedomRider
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Next week, the minions of David Horowitz' ludicrously named "Freedom Center" are preparing to descend on my, and many other, campuses around the country. Their mission: to spread hatred of Islam. My ...
by philosleft
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Welcome to the 28th voyage to the Planet of the Savage Strident Daily Kos Supervixens! In this installment, I'll tell the story about the "Little Sister" in the frat house.
by hrh
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Welcome to the 25th journey to the Planet of the Savage Strident Daily Kos Supervixens! This week's - thanks to everyone's favorite drunken gadfly, Christopher Hitchens - is on humor and women. ...
by hrh
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Welcome to the 23rd exploration of the Planet of the Savage Strident DKos Feminist Supervixens! This week's diary is being posted in the afternoon, rather than during the usual Supervixens ...
by hrh
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by rserven
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by qphilo
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