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I'd like to talk about "defining cultural moments". While these moments are felt to be significant by the attendees, they only become "defining" when passed through the cultural/media apparatus. ...
by arendt
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In Sunday's New York Times both Gail Collins ...
by LWelsch
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Dauphine Island The world is smaller than we think. Several weeks ago I got an email out of the blue from a 25-year veteran of the Los Angeles Times named Paul Lieberman, who reminded me through ...
by ChiefOrganizer
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I was at Woodstock. There, I said it. I'm well aware that the number of people who'll tell you that they attended momentous events always vastly exceeds the actual count. It's often noted that, ...
by N in Seattle
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Much has been written and documented on film over the last forty years regarding Woodstock. I've seen and read much of it, but I do not consider myself to be an expert. Take a look at N in ...
by CDH in Brooklyn
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The Woodstock Music and Arts Fair was held August 15-18, 1969, less than a month ...
by Baron Dave
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What does Woodstock mean to someone who was 12 years old when it happened? What can it possibly mean? Though I wasn't of age at the time, I have for as long as I can remember felt myself a ...
by Chimes of Freedom
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this weekend. Here's my top 5 performances at Woodstock ( not ranked because it's too difficult and very very hard to choose because virtually all the 25 bands/musicians there were terrific ) my ...
by 4km
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This Saturday, August 15th, marks the 40th anniversary to the start of the legendary Woodstock music festival. I thought Daily Kos readers would enjoy this essay about one of the more shocking ...
by Pete Fornatale
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Woodstock, Handmade By David Glenn Cox It is funny how sometimes you start out to write one story and end up writing another. I have been doing research on Woodstock and as the old joke goes,
by Daveparts
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Get My Soul Free By David Glenn Cox “I came upon a child of god He was walking along the road And I asked him, where are you going And this he told me I’m going on down to ...
by Daveparts
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by angrybird
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I was away on vacation these last several days, enjoying beautiful weather in a small summer cabin at the edge of a quiet lake. I had no access to the internets. An old TV with rabbit ears only ...
by RubDMC
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In 1967, John McCain was shot out of the North Vietnamese sky, crash landed in a lake, taken prisoner, and held in captivity for ... 41 years, so far.
by KingOneEye
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Museum opens at Woodstock concert site Video Report { ...
by jimstaro
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I don't want to put anything too fancy on this diary. It's not about politics. There's really no point other than I wanted to make an offering of some music and to tip my hat to some great artists ...
by kid oakland
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As a political writer who stands well outside the traditional political parties in this country I do not generally comment on specific politicians or candidates, unless they make themselves into ...
by markin
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If you have seen Sen. McCain's new ad where he simultaneously mocks Hillary Clinton for asking for a $1 million appropriation to create a Woodstock museaum and exploits his own torture by the North ...
by Dirk McQuigley
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You have to wonder how much the 1960's really did affect Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Speaking at a conference in New Zealand about two weeks ago McCarrick placed the blame for the Catholic Church'
by dsjwriter
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by motherwolfe
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