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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, (of GOP insanity) no escape from (a Tea Party Convoluted) reality. Open your eyes, (girl) look up to the skies (girl) and see…
by thinkingblue
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Paula Deen is a very selfish woman but that’s not her real sin, many in business become hoggish and narrow. The fact that she’s affiliated with the Democratic Party and acts like a Tea Party ...
by thinkingblue
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Timothy Beal, in his 2008 book Religion in America: A Very Short Introduction , reports: “The fastest growing religion is Wicca, closely followed by Paganism, although both are still very small ...
by Ojibwa
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The Hierarchy is dead. The Word is no longer Sacred, no matter how they try. Fight back, we're almost to the part where Justice does some severe butt kicking...... and some chickens appear. ...
by nolagrl
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What does the world think of me? By Sullee J Ima do what I do without the care of your view Cuz I'm me I'm me without he or she, cuz only I create me I blame me, only I can hate me, I love me, n ...
by SulleeJ
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There is a fairly new campaign urging people to stop referring to the undocumented as 'illegal'. This is wrong, don't try to ignore ignorance, educate people as to what illegal means if you ...
by Eric Ridenour
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Kidding! I kid! But it looks like people are getting all wound up again, and our patron saint of hypocrisy Sarah Palin has taken to her high horse of indignation to speak out on behalf of fucking ...
by The Gimp
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The word of the week is "narcisissm".
by grumpynerd
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Harold Meyerson . That Clinton has impassioned supporters, many of ...
by kos
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(cross posted at The Dead Guy ) On tonight'...
by Thatcher
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chimerical Main Entry: chi•me•ri•cal ...
by Thatcher
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Yesterday I introduced the idea of a civics glossary. Here is the first entry. For those who didn't read my post yesterday ( Shame on you!) the civics glossary is a list of terms I think every ...
by Timothy Scriven
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