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Less than two weeks before Thanksgiving, Anthony Hardwick's supervisor at his Target store in Omaha, Nebraska approached him about working on Thanksgiving Day. "We’re opening earlier this year.
by logancircle
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Clifton, AZ - On the eve of Arizona's Centennial celebration, history unfolded, last Saturday evening, when the United Steelworkers formally announced their endorsement of Wenona Benally Baldenegro ...
by Wenona for Arizona
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So -- turns out that the daughter of WalMart founder Sam Walton -- herself the third wealthiest woman in the world -- is building an art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. She says she wants to ...
by Old Redneck
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The boldest attack on the Denver Paid Sick Leave Voter Initiative isn’t from the Chamber of Commerce. ...
by donaldcohen
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by MaryRW
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Rejoice! There's one place in a reddish-purple state that remains a bastion of liberalism in protecting the working man's rights and it's ...
by Limelite
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The managers where I work seem to favor those without children over those with children when it comes to promotions and other job changes. The managers say it's all just coincidence. Basically, ...
by Phil T Duck
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It's time to take control of the political messaging Republicans have dominated in order to get policy through the government, hurting the majority of America.
by Jamie Sanderson
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Delta and its Republican minions in Congress are continuing the recent assault on workers' rights by forcing an FAA shutdown until Congress is willing ...
by Romo2Austin
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Mister Cellophane 'Cause you can look right through me Walk right by me And never know I'm there... -- Chicago (the musical) In every city and town across America today there is a “Mr. ...
by National Nurses Movement
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On Thursday, a Federal judge ruled that the ban on direct corporate contributions is unconstititutional, citing the highly partisan and wrong-headed Citizens United ruling. I'm sure the Kossacks are ...
by Da Rat Bastid
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The headline on this video page that has a transcript is White House could use power of federal contracting to enforce labor laws, but has no plans to do so.
by Eddie C
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So much has changed politically in Wisconsin in the last three months. It shows up clearly in this Talking Points ...
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On and around April 4 in hundreds of large and small events nationwide, working people will gather to honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., and stand in ...
by Mike Hall
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By Dorothy M. Ehrlich, Deputy Executive Director, ACLU A catastrophic fire swept through the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory 100 years ago today. By the time it was over, 146 people had died. ...
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Last week, Indiana Republicans upped the ante by raising their fines against the Hoosier 39 – from $250/day to $350/day. The ...
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[cross-posted at DLCC.org ] The situation in Indiana continues to ferment. Yesterday evening Republican House Speaker Brian ...
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When I read this I thought it was snark from The Onion or The Daily Show. Nope, it's real. How do you spoof people like this? It's like calling somebody with a swastika tattooed on his forehead a ...
by Rezkalla
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Video courtesy of Centro de ...
by mmcintee
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[cross-posted at DLCC.org ] The Indiana House Democrats remain firm in their resolve to halt the advance of Republican Governor Mitch ...
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