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(illustration courtesy of Mad Magazine) In case you didn't yet know Cheney was recklessly incompetent. From firstlook.org : When presented with an actual terror threat – the one that ...
by ericlewis0
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Like a lot of folks on the west coast, my family was awakened on the morning of September 11, 2001 to television images we never believed we would see on American soil. I remember telling my ...
by recoveringConservative
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Some years ago, during one of Secretary Tom Ridge's conveniently timed heightened security alerts, I was approached by a reporter in Madison Square Park in New York City. He asked me if I was ...
by Woody25
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This story was originally written on the 10th anniversary of the attack on the WTC. Some stories bear repeating. This is one of them.
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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Originally published in my personal blog. For a moment, I want to step away from my typically snarky commentary about things I see in the pseudoscience world. I want to talk about my own ...
by SkepticalRaptor
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Originally posted to NIOSH Science Blog . The inhalation of chemicals, particulate matter (dusts and fibers), and the incomplete products of combustion during occupational and environmental ...
by charliehall2
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I decided to examine a little slice of the Port Authority Timeline, today. The one involving David Samson quietly slinking off into the New Jersey sunset. Somehow that internal review "pivot" had ...
by jamess
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As those who read my post from yesterday learned, at the height of the Bridgegate commuter obstruction exercise, when it was being abruptly halted, long before its 30-days+ planned time horizon -- ...
by jamess
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Tom Moran pens an editorial in the Star-Ledger this morning reminding us that Governor Christie's policies are just as repugnant as his political oppurtunism. In Chris Christie's willful neglect on ...
by HoundDog
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As if we are in a never ending game of political limbo, Governor Chris Christie keeps defying our expectations of "how low can he go?" Rachel Maddow ...
by HoundDog
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Hat-tip to Daily Kos user HoundDog for digging up the dirt first, about how planned rising Toll Rates were being pegged to provide for the NY-NJ Port Authority 'discretion bucket of money' -- which ...
by jamess
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Mobsters tried , and failed; Leona Helmsley tried , and failed ; and more recently Larry ...
by jamess
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The New York and New Jersey Port Authority seems to have some peculiar priorities. Item: The agency has been without a permanent Director of Operations for over two years. The Acting Director, ...
by hannah
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by Jon Perr
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...on 9/11? Sorry, but I have not had the time to read about the exact details and dates of this Christie/Fort-Lee Traffic Jam controversy, not until a few moments ago, when, upon reading EPNJ's ...
by ArthurPoet
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The U.S. has committed at least 15,000 combat troops and billions of ...
by Ted Rall
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As bizarre as it may seem, history is replete with examples of groups borrowing the tactics of an enemy, to impose its will on others. How do you think gun powder made its way from China to Europe ...
by Constance Hilliard
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I recently came across the original of this color slide I shot from the Staten Island Ferry in 1976, the Bicentennial year, of the World Trade Center ascending majestically above the New York ...
by Madison Guy
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My son and I running around the World Trade Center, July 1999. ...was a place to play, listen to jazz outside, pass through on my way to work, shop, visit ...
by Greek Goddess
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Every Sept 11th I post these 'missing person' fliers. Danny Lewin’s brilliant but brief life is largely unknown because, until now, those closest to him have guarded their memories and quietly ...
by Eileen B
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