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Normally at this time I am recapping the first round of the NHL playoffs. However this year in honor of the LA Kings coming back from being down 3 games to none to win their series against the ...
by cohenzee
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UPDATE: Lizz Winstead, Co-Creator of the Daily Show just sent me an e-mail about the big debate viewing party on Wednesday: ...
by poopdogcomedy
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BLUE-TIE STEPHEN: So, if the rich people end up paying the same amount in taxes..... how does that create jobs?
by databob
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Happy 100th, Fenway! ( Bernard Gagnon ) Red Sox fandom is a double-edged sword for anyone, but particularly for a Massachusetts politician, as Martha ...
by Joan McCarter
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The republican economic model is in full display today proving it is a failure. I should have seen this much sooner in my life and that fact that is was smacking me in the face for years but I did ...
by Mannie
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From Senator Schumer's website comes the following statement from Cpl Megan about Sgt Rex: “Rex and I went through a great deal together and I am just so grateful that we will be reunited again,”
by PinHole
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Not much to say, with the Yankees down 1-0 early in a game against Tampa Bay, Jeter was second up to the plate after Gardner was thrown out out first base. Price tossed a strike, 3 balls, and 2 ...
by Ezekial 23 20
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I really should not care (I don' really). I really really should not be publicly doing a diary on this. The whole screwed up salary structure and misplaced priorities of it all is ridiculous. Even ...
by DrSteveB
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Count George Steinbrenner as one of the early notable billionaires who's inheritance [no matter who receives ...
by Jimrl8
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I've been to a few Mets/Yankees games in my day. Always high intensity. We fans go back and forth chanting for our team. When our team does something (anything), you chant even more. It's not a ...
by glutz78
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This is a (mostly) non-political diary. It's about a game that, for the next 10 days, is more than a game. Some would say it's about revenge. Others might think it is more about redemption. ...
by Richard Cranium
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I just visited Alan Graysons website and read his biography. An impressive man who has done several lifetimes of serious things already. And he is from the Bronx - in fact his site says:
by ramara
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No, wait, I apologize. They didn't fix any of that. It was all a dream. The New York Yankees announced massive price reductions in specific seating areas. Apparently, they were tired of having ...
by MattYellingAtTheMoon
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by ddonar
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It was October 6, 1978, and the New York Yankees were trailing the Kansas City Royals 5-4 in the bottom of the eighth inning in Game Three of the American League Championship Series. I sat in front ...
by dtremblay123
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For those with short memories, check out the first 20 seconds or so: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/dfa0fed78a Of all the metaphors that spring to mind regarding last night's debate (a ...
by LongTom
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What do all four of these have in common?
by skully
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In a move that's sure to make some waves in the world of Major League Baseball, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced early Thursday that a component of the much-discussed bailout plan would be ...
by Surly Cracker
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I was a communication studies major in college and I absolutely love political rhetoric. This week has been a ton of fun for me.
by VileDonkey
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Alright boys and girls, in what is becoming a tradition in my house...or as I call, I have much too much time on my hands some days...I just returned from a nice long workout, where I got to clear ...
by dwakeman
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