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College Republican's sexist ad campaign to re-elect Rick ...
by Paul Hogarth
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Which is worse after an election like this, the gloating from tea bag trolls, or the hand-wringing and incestuous scalp-hunting from the left? The president is going to be impeached over [reasons], ...
by The Kraken1
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And then I'm going to creep back into I-don't-have-time-to-be-a-regular-commenter-because-I-have-to-put-so-much-thought-into-every-response-due-to-social-anxiety-issues-and-time-to-write-a-diary-...
by left rev
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Nope, millennials aren't abandoning the Democratic Party. Question is whether they'll vote. The headlines yesterday were breathless:
by kos
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President Obama's announced goal of significant reductions of emissions of CO2 was seen as a fatal blow to the American coal industry. But long standing federal policies that promote and subsidize ...
by Lefty Coaster
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Student at SUNY New Paltz reading a voter registration form distributed by NYPIRG. "They," of course, refers to Republicans. "We" refers to every person who believes the ...
by Denise Oliver Velez
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There are Presidential year elections (2012) There are off-year elections (2014) And then there are off-off-year elections (2013)* By now we're sick of hearing that Democratic base turnout is low ...
by Bethesda 1971
Comment Count 17 comments on Tue Apr 22, 2014 at 10:09 AM PDT with 35 Recommends
Republicans spoke after the 2012 election of recognizing their large gap with some Democratic-leaning demographic groups (DLDGs) and their poor long-term electoral prospects as a consequence. ...
by ericf
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Is GOP/Tea Party control of both the House & Senate in 2014 frightening enough to get the Democratic youth, Hispanics, and every other Dem to voting booth in 2014? And, if they all do turn out in ...
by War on Error
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Power Shift 2011: 'We Are The Youth, The Mighty Mighty Youth!' Young climate justice activists show their power in front of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and White House. In a new climate poll, ...
by VL Baker
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Voting is a right, but it's also a process. Many people are baffled by the process, and find it easier to just skip it. Here's one solution: Make sure that kids are taught how to vote! If we ...
by Nancy Meyer
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“There must be a way, and the will to peace is reinforced by one factor in the situation that is favorable to the immediate limitation of armaments, however portentous the obstacles that may ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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A few months back I wrote about how Republicans were trying to keep college students from voting – they removed voting booths from campuses, they tried to knock kids off the voter rolls for using ...
by AlexPalombo
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Maybe the kids won't notice ... There's a lot to laugh at in the Republican Party autopsy on why they ...
by Barbara Morrill
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Since the ignominious departure of George W. Bush in 2008, the Republican Party has taken on the look of recently divorced man thrust back into the dating scene after a decade long hiatus. The Grand ...
by Virally Suppressed
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It is time to put to rest the questioning about Millennials and whether they care about access to safe abortion care. It is time to get to work. Written by Julia Reticker-Flynn for   RH Reality ...
by RH Reality Check
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Ohio State University professor Paul Beck warns that Youth Vote Gap Suggests Republicans Risk Losing An 'Entire Generation' To Democrats. Given youth unemployment rates over 10%, Mitt Romney ...
by HoundDog
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A new poll by the Center for Information and Research of Civic Learning and Engagement, CIRCLE, found Obama enjoys 17-point edge on Romney among voters under 30, a finding consistent with the 19 ...
by HoundDog
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Some snark for you:
by Kreeck
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With Mitt Romney’s Etch-a-Sketch-iness, it was no surprise when, at the Oct. 16 presidential debate, he told college student Jeremy Epstein he’ll make sure young people can afford college and ...
by Liz Shuler
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