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For executives, big bonuses are bankruptcy's creamy filling. Last week, a federal judge gave Hostess the go-ahead to hand ...
by Laura Clawson
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The purpose of this diary is to explore the economic and financial background of those pillaging and burning a (formerly) great American brand. Hostess Bakery created several American comfort foods ...
by BlueBeaumontBoyz
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Until recently, my wife and I watched rented movies on an ancient DVD player. Yes, we actually went to Blockbuster (when it still existed), picked out a movie and hoped to God our dinosaur of a DVD ...
by CALinnovates
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Earlier this month, Netflix announced a huge (and I mean huge – sixty percent) price rise across all of its membership plans. The public's reaction? The big middle-finger salute. ...
by Keith Pickering
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Apparently Richard Corliss at Time either drew the short straw or lost a bar bet, because here at this link is a short ...
by Steaming Pile
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Ah, who needs the End of the World when we are already leaving in financial apocalypse? More grim news from General Motors and Blockbuster today as both companies flirt with the edge of oblivion. An ...
by Larry Madill
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by blockbuster
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