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People crash their cars into other cars, into poles, houses or anything that cannot get out of the way fast enough. Sometimes the cars just take a crap without even hitting something. Sometimes ...
by ruleoflaw
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I am (and to some extent, have always been) a writer, but my desire to become a novelist did not emerge until after I’d made the choice to drop out of high school and become an “autodidact” (...
by chicgeek
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There are times in my life that have inspired hope and times that I have felt great despair. Yesterday was a day for hope.
by Todd Farally
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I'm 28 years old, and I have such a hard time listening to punditry on any news channel, because rarely if ever do I see someone that is around my age. Ed Schultz is 58, Sean Hannity is 50, and ...
by sujigu
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In the election of 2004 I voted for the first time in my ...
by Danish Brethren
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It's crazy, but it's true: I could not afford to go to work today. I have a 45-minute commute to and from work, which costs me about ten dollars in gas each day. I'm down to six whole dollars, ...
by Phil T Duck
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I wrote this peice last winter. It is a real account of my husband's struggles as a blue collar electrician. Since I wrote this, my husband has been laid off, since about March 2011. This month, is ...
by wavpeac
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A Feb. 28 editorial cartoon by the Detroit News' Henry Payne appeared on the editorial page of my hometown newspaper this morning that, to my way of thinking, ...
by trevzb
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Two Chinese companies have agreed to manufacture in America, instead of in China, a significant portion of the wind turbines needed for a Texas wind farm. The deal is a result of white collar ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Many have argued that there is a lot of bias in favor of Wall St. over Main St. As a whole, I agree. But I do not believe that I have seen this bias demonstrated by Obama as some here have claimed. ...
by silentreader
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Day after day it seems more bad economic news follows leading off in both the headlines of newspapers and the evening news. For a while Hillary stole the front page but the rush to tell us just how ...
by utopia
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UPDATE - I wrote this without being able to watch the live press conference, but I still should have been clearer. Ignore the words coming out of her mouth. The McCain campaign is working off of ...
by patooker
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There is no doubt that picking Joe Biden as VP will help Obama with the "blue collar" vote. And I do think that it is a problem Obama has, and I think Biden will help him "connect" more with this ...
by Zanath
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The choice of Joe Biden has sealed the deal: Obama is going to get the Hillary voter. Yes, Obama could have guaranteed the election by choosing Hillary, but as someone else pointed out, he would ...
by DeppityBob
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by lightseeker
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Consider how good the timing is for the John Edwards endorsement. Not just for Obama, which is obvious (stealing Hillary's media day, appearing to lock it up, etc.), but for Edwards. Had he endorsed ...
by NolaEric
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Kevin Merida has a piece in the Washington Post today which gives first hand accounts from some of Obama's 50 State Soldiers trumpeting the revelry of his Vote for Change effort and how they are ...
by trmasonic
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Dear Hillary Clinton: Since you like to bombard me with e-mail and recorded phone calls, I know you must be interested in me. After all, I'm a lower-middle-class (family income around $50K) white ...
by Bill Tchakirides
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I know that diaries are supposed to be at least three paragraphs, but I just don't need that much space to say this. And I'm sure it's already been said better than I can say it anyway. But with ...
by Malec
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Prior to her wins in Ohio, Rhode Island, and the "win" in Texas HRC has waged an all out assault on Barack after getting killed in 11 contests. Barack Obama has in turn questioned HRC's renowned ...
by fixyourface
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