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You Hustled It, You Bought It - Is This the Dawn of a New Political Alliance in Red States Mississippi's Thad Cochran survived his Senate primary runoff by a hair last night, in large part due to ...
by Partisan Hack
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In the name of “compromise,” Senator Joe Manchin went on Morning Joe and called for a “Simpson Bowles template” to fix the government shutdown / debt ceiling debacle. In doing so, Manchin ...
by S Kitchen
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The Chicago Tribune reported today that Miguel Diaz has resigned as the United States' ambassador to the Vatican. One of the names being floated as his replacement is Congressman Dan Lipinski of ...
by louisxiv
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This is now several days old, but I hadn't seen it diairied yet. Congressman Mike McIntyre has held on to beat David Rouzer in the redrawn 7th Congressional district that includes Wilmington, NC. ...
by jerakami
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This is the kind of message that needs to be shown in my home district (PA-18). His first ad was too blue-doggish for me, but please talk more about Social Security and where the money goes after ...
by musicsleuth
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Uploaded with ImageShack.us So I normally don't donate to Blue Dogs because even though I like that our party is a big tent party and we can legitimately make that argument, I do have my limits. ...
by poopdogcomedy
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In an effort to fulfill his destiny as the Southern Joe Lieberman, Artur Davis has accepted a speaking role at the upcoming GOP Convention. Former congressman Artur Davis, who officially seconded ...
by justmy2
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Last night was not fun. In Illinois, progressive congressional candidate Ilya Sheyman lost to Brad Schneider by 8% -- 47% to 39% -- while other candidates got 14% of the vote. Honestly, a lot of ...
by BoldProgressives
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Remember, as long as someone is a Democrat, it is much better to support them without question. A Democrat in office is always better than a Republican, even if they act like a Republican. At ...
by justmy2
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A common sentiment around here is that a Democrat can win anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE, as long as we articulate what we are for. If we are proud of our liberalism, then we can win any race we try ...
by thematt523
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Cross-posted at Minnesota Progressive Project . A bit of this gets Minnesota-centric, but it's broadly ...
by ericf
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Corporations have taken over all three branches of government. WE THE PEOPLE must unite, fight strategically, and get our country back. It won't be quick, but here's a skeleton roadmap. First ...
by Imzaa
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Maybe I haven't been looking closely enough. Or maybe I'm overinterpereting the importance of this. Either way, it seems like it should be shared. There is something called the Blue Dog ...
by WePartyPatriots
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Cecil Bothwell, a member of the Asheville City Council, has declared that he will challenge Rep. Heath Shuler in the Democratic Primary in 2012.
by cultjake
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I am not sure I really get it. What is so new about the Tea Party? The more I listen to these people, the more they simply sound like the radical right wing of the Republican Party that has been ...
by mckevin
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When the Democrats came to power in 2006, everyone was sure there was going to be some challenging of George W. Bush’s policies. Surely there would be hearings! Surely there would be a check ...
by Hysteria
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All these diaries about whether Obama is a Blue Dog or not are beside the point. At bottom, it's really not about his politics, but rather about his personality. His politics will depend ...
by accumbens
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[http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2010/11/9/919204/-Oh-no!-Obamas-a-Blue-Dog-(or-whatever)! Bob] talk about ignorance Bill Clinton was [http://www.house.gov/melancon/BlueDogs/ Blue Dog] - ...
by disrael
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Good lord, people, get a hold of yourselves. Mini-update He may or may not be a "Blue Dog" by definition, but my point is he is not, and never has been, a liberal.
by Bob Johnson
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No way, Third Way. Democrats need to stand up for and aggressively pursue Democratic values. We did not lose this election because of the people who voted against us. We lost this ...
by greywolfe359
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