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If you live near the Rio Grande and the Border Patrol knocks on your door you might want to have a lawyer present when you answer. That is because Customs and Border Protection is gearing up for ...
by No Border Wall
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The “gang of eight” U.S. Senators, four Democrats and four Republicans, have released a set of principles that they see as the basis for comprehensive immigration reform legislation. The fact ...
by No Border Wall
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The new bipartisan immigration framework announced by the "Gang of 8" brought some great news for Mitt Romney. After he lost the Hispanic vote by 44 ...
by Jon Perr
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The long, low body moves in a permanent crouch as the lithe cat glides through the shaded underbrush. Not much larger than a house cat, but with a lean, dark body more closely resembling a weasel’...
by No Border Wall
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Here are some of the people you can "thank" for this cockamamy scheme: Arizona Sen. Steve Smith, who thought up the plan and introduced the legislation that allowed Arizona to accept donations to ...
by Mother Mags
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Cross-Posted at America's Voice: Joe the Plumber is back. The hapless handyman from 2008 who became famous overnight for supposedly being the embodiment of the working class is now a ...
by AmericasVoice
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This diary of mine is cross posted at my blog, where you'll find a great photo of Babeu, Gov Jan Brewer and an unidentified muscle hunk law enforcement official snagged from Brewer's Flickr account ,
by MPetrelis
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Newt Gingrich surged ahead of the pack in the South Carolina Republican primary, and looks set to come in second in Florida, as the “anybody-but-Romney” contingent of the party appeared, for the ...
by No Border Wall
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This October 26th marks the fifth anniversary of President George W. Bush’s signing the law to build a 700-mile fence on the U.S.-Mexico border. Five years later the “border security first” ...
by AmericasVoice
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Hey Herb Cain! Instead of killing Mexicans, why don't we just buy Mexico? I thought businessmen wanted to make deals. Republicans hate regulations! Then why do they want to use ...
by antidittohead
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I’m just gonna rant. Here’s the short version: On Sunday, there was rain – about 1.5 to 2.5 inches -- on the border between Arizona and Mexico. It’s a desert, but sometimes clouds open up ...
by Dbug
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By Terry Goddard , Former Arizona Attorney General Over the years, Arizona has seen an exceptional number of frauds, consumer scams and rip offs.
by ImmigrationPolicyCenter
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Yesterday, I wrote a late night diary about a couple of things the Israeli State or its PM has been doing while we all do anxiety about a peace deal, which affect that deal or the issues presented.
by Christy1947
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In his recent speech in El Paso President Obama pointed to the ...
by No Border Wall
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The Obama Administration is deporting more people than the Bush administration while he gets hammered and blamed for all the border problems. Hispanic families are being torn apart. This idea is ...
by notdarkyet
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Remember that Border Wall we bought a few years ago? How's that thing working out? Well, recent studies by the GAO and the CATO Institute have ...
by LatinoDem
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In 1994 President Clinton issued Executive Order 12898 to address the issue of Environmental Justice. It instructs federal agencies to identify and address actions that might have “...
by No Border Wall
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Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has always been a smart, tough, and fair law enforcement official. I met Sheriff Dupnik in 2007 while making my film The Wall . ...
by LatinoDem
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Senator Fillingane has introduced a bill that would tax wire-transfers to other countries from the State of Mississippi. Revenues would go toward a General fund for the Border ...
by LatinoDem
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Following the mid-term elections one thing is crystal clear: barring divine intervention or a grass-roots outcry loud enough to drown out the Tea Party, the new Congress will pass legislation ...
by No Border Wall
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