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Last week I watched a film called " Backyard ," which is about the violence in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Located on just the other side of El Paso,
by ethnografix
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The Palestine Papers, or some of them, are now out and causing turmoil in lots of places. There is a great deal of commentary surrounding those papers about what the Palestinian side was or was ...
by Christy1947
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Tuesday, December 21 at 6PM: No Labels: A New Political Movement for Bipartisan Politics Guests: John Avlon and Lisa Borders To Listen Live: ...
by tdeluca
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Some on the right are suggesting that "a xenophobic, suspicious, racist, reactionary vision is a wise approach to life in America." Today, a New York Times columnist tried to bridge the divide with ...
by walterrhett
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Just like the deficit, undocumented aliens didn't seem to scare the Right while Bush and the GOP were in power. Now that Obama and the Democrats are in power, these issues suddenly have become ...
by VerbalMedia
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Four summers ago I was working on an archaeological survey project in the deserts of eastern California. It was mid ...
by ethnografix
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At American University today, President Obama outlines a roadmap for immigration reform that includes holding businesses, illegal immigrants responsible and fixing the broken legal immigration system.
by mmcintee
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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer seems to be replacing Sarah Palin as Fox News’ right-wing darling du jour. Brewer was just interviewed -- again -- for Fox News, making this at least the 5th time Fox ...
by LuisHeredia
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As a child I loved Robert Frost. I still do. As I think about immigration reform, I cannot help but think of the walls in Europe during the cold war and Robert Frost's poem Mending Wall . I ...
by LWelsch
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Every once in awhile the media mouthpieces attempt to explain to the public that the immigration issue is "complex." Would anyone here like to explain to me in real terms how this is so? I am not ...
by Cassiodorus
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One of the canards we hear about immigration reform is that before we can work on the issues of the 12 million or so informal immigrants inside the United States we have to secure the border. This ...
by Something the Dog Said
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The prevailing myth that "it's all about the borders" just got shot in the heart today.
by Julie Gulden
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My granddaughter has gastroenteritis, not swine flu. However, the swine flu almost killed her anyway, by overloading the hospital system. Details follow.
by blue aardvark
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At the most recent gathering of ReVisioning Medicine, the medical people and medicine men and women – increasingly, most wear both hats – concurred that healing was potentiated by the ...
by Deena Metzger
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Part of a 12/08 series of “unusual suggestions for America and the Obama Administration.”   If I ...
by David Brin
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Once those two steps are completed, Obama said, the government should offer a path to citizenship for existing illegals. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25645405/page/2/
by Tadly
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I have been hoping barack Obama would start using his prodigious persuasive and rhetorical skills to speak out on one of the most troubling problems in America today, the demonization of illegal ...
by catchaz
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Borders are, by their nature, permeable. Our first and most intimate border, our skin, encloses within its boundaries many more cells that are 'not us' than cells that are 'us'. We can only live ...
by jo podvin
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There are alot of lies being told about the effect of immigration on America. Despite our history as a nation of immigrants, some shameless bigots have even claimed that places like Miami "are like ...
by catchaz
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If I hear another racist attack on immigrants defended on the grounds of "law and order" i'm going to puke. And if i hear it again from someone who calls themselves a progressive... well since i'm ...
by catchaz
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