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These are dark times for Louisiana Governor and 2016 GOP White House hopeful Bobby Jindal. Facing a staggering $1.6 billion budget shortfall , Governor Jindal's popularity is plummeting at home ...
by Jon Perr
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Last week, I covered a story about the Conservative Radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, being dropped from the Indianapolis radio station, WIBC, after 22 years. WIBC parent ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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This recent traitorous act by Sen. Schumer is another reason Progressives are ditching the Democratic Party. Having said that, It is proof of Schumer's undying loyalty to Israel First and America ...
by 1ProgressiveLatinLeague
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Numbers don't lie, and telltale signs like Rush Limbaugh ranting daily about #StopRush suggest all is not well in Limbaughland. Desperate to convince advertisers to return to his show, Limbaugh ...
by TBTM Julie
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I will be brief. I watch Washington Journal , the CSPAN morning program featuring guests who have different topical views responding to viewers calling in with questions or comments. One does not ...
by SpringHopeCarolina
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Where teachers and administrators have any say in the buying of textbooks, software, and testing materials, they should block the purchase of those sold by backers of the corporate take over of ...
by Professor Smartass
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A conversation with my daughter on the best response to the Indiana discriminate against the gays law.
by doctor o
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I'm a huge fan. I won't watch the games unless Indiana shows strong sign of revoking its discriminatory Orwellian "freedom of religion" law.
by Martin9
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Here is a list of companies headquartered in Indiana.. .. Look over it (takes less than 90 seconds) and see which ones would affect you at all and then proceed to go into "boycott" mode and post ...
by kavips
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I was inspired by Molly Weasley's diary of the other day, A few products to boycott from Indiana . After combing through the items on the pages she linked I came up with 5 common items from Indiana ...
by NotAhab
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The hashtag #BoycottIndiana is now trending on Twitter due to Governor Pence's signing of a "religious freedom" law okaying discrimination in the state. In addition to helping spread the message ...
by tremayne
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Marc Benioff, executive of Salesforce the international CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Giant took a stand today in the passage of Indiana's "religious freedom" legislation. Today we are ...
by Chris Reeves
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Nathan Kosted, Montana Human Rights Network , Community Organizer Imagine a world where a man could claim that domestic violence or child abuse laws don’t apply to him because his religion ...
by natedogchunkystyle
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Mike Pence has signed the anti-gay Religious Freedom Restoration Act , which gives businesses the right to turn away not just LGBT customers, but anyone they felt their religion gives them a right ...
by Mikesco
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The issue is that Israeli voters put him over the top after he said there would not be a Palestinian state. That is what makes a Palestinian state impossible under the current conditions.
by Flyswatterbanjo
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I applaud the growing list (now over 50) of Democrat Senators and House members who have stated they will boycott Netanyahu's anti-Iranian, pro-war screed in the Capital tomorrow. The problem with ...
by databob
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According to the StopRush Database , six sponsors are back on the Rush Limbaugh Show for special Valentine's Day promotions. (Two of the six companies, 1800Flowers and Pro-Flowers, never really ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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I'M NOT GIVING THESE HUMPS ANOTHER CENT!. THINK ABOUT WHETHER YOU WANT TO! Thanks to www.motormanmark.com (list taken directly from that site) BRAWNY TOWELS (Oh, man, I like these, but I will ...
by ATexican
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Does Freedom of Speech Mean Sponsoring This Guy? Recently comedian Bill Maher attacked liberals for boycotting companies that advertise on conservative Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. He compared ...
by lewisbr
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Which Side Are You On? That's the question being asked of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board of Directors. You see, back on Black Friday, #BlackLivesMatter protesters in Oakland shut down the ...
by jpmassar
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