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In case you haven't followed it, the BradBlog has an excellent rundown of events and documents that tend to show that Ann Coulter committed voter fraud and perjury in Florida last year. You can ...
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The other 3THREE3 Contested Congressional Elections in Florida for 2006 are... John Russell along with Clint Curtis, who opposed Tom Feeney, as well as Frank Gonzalez, who opposed Diaz Balart in ...
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A few definitions and a little background: undervote=someone voted but no vote was recorded. This occurs when: - a voter signs in for a ballot but fails to vote, - a machine ...
by biscobosco
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Election Systems! My #1 priority for Democracy, closely followed by Media Reform. There's been a rush (no pun intented) to pass this bill, but we need to proceed with caution. Rush Holt's new ...
by LNK
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Oh boy...when it rains it pours. It seems that Ann Coulter could be in a little more trouble than originally believed.
by Jen Hayden
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