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After I saw the video of Arizona pastor Steven Anderson advocating that everyone who is gay or bisexual be killed, I decided to make a video of what other religious righties had said. The video is ...
by leftprogressive
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$24,625.23. That's how much a judge in 2012 ordered homophobic wingnut preacher Bradlee Dean to pay lawyers for Rachel Maddow and NBCUniversal to extricate himself from a defamation lawsuit he filed ...
by AnitaMaria
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As you might expect, the wingnutosphere in Minnesota is in full meltdown over the state making same-sex marriage legal. Less than 24 hours after Mark Dayton signed the bill into law, Bradlee Dean ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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You knew that somewhere down the line, some wingnut was going to claim that the butchery last week in Connecticut was orchestrated by that Kenyan socialist Mooslim in the White House. Well, Michele ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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A few months back we talked about a skirmish in the defamation action brought by Bradlee Dean against Rachel Maddow, NBC, and others. Zenbasson's diary from July can be found here . It can now be ...
by Tod
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Yesterday afternoon, Bradlee Dean was told that before he could move his defamation suit against Rachel Maddow from DC Superior Court to a federal court, he had to pay $24,600 worth of attorneys' ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Or at least he owes her lawyers 25 Grand. Remember this? That was shown on Rachel's show in 2010. Evidently, Mr. Dean didn't like all the new publicity, so he sued Rachel for (holds pinky ...
by zenbassoon
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Cross posted at [Dirigo Blue http://www.dirigoblue.com/diary/3447/rachel-maddow-and-msnbc-being-sued-for-50-million-for-defamation] Update: MSNBC has sent the following statement regarding ...
by Spud1
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Some things are, ultimately, compliments. After Rachel Maddow reported the antics of an anti-gay heavy metal preacher, his attorney responded by suing her for $50 million: for telling the truth.
by kestrel9000
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Ever since Target decided to wade in on the MN-GOV election last year with a big check for notoriously anti-gay Tom Emmer, I haven't shopped there. And I'm hardly the only one; for instance, check ...
by TwoPuttTommy
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Rev. Bradlee Dean brought much deserved scrutiny on himself when as Chaplain for the day, he opened a daily session of the Minnesota House of Representatives, with a prayer that insulted the ...
by Frederick Clarkson
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And on the day the world ended (not), Minnesota's GOP began desperately looking for the exit. Like a lot of states, Minnesota has a big budget crisis. Both the state House and Senate are controlled ...
by Keith Pickering
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A few years back, when Michelle Bachmann was representing me in the Minnesota Senate district 52, she invited me to open the legislative day with prayer. This is a common practice in Minnesota for ...
by Simul Iustus et Peccator
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Between the constant "Newt this" and "Newt That" the news on all the other attention on right-wing hopefuls and budget struggles everywhere I am just feel bit saturated with the same story lines.
by Chris Chasteen
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by mmcintee
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The name of the youth ministry is You Can Run But You Can't Hide (YCRBYCH). Their spokesman is Bradlee Dean. They go to public schools to witness for Jesus, and they apparently do that without ...
by Bill Prendergast
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