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Maryland's firearm ownership laws laws are among the most oppressive in the United States, after California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. In fact, a Maryland residend must provide a "good and ...
by hagagaga
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If you are a Starbuck’s fan, and I am, and if you are an advocate of sane gun control, which I am, you might be looking for a place other than your local Starbuck’s store to get your daily ...
by NastyJack
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The gun nuts, especially in Arizona, will argue with you until they are blue in the face that because the state’s gun laws allow just about anyone to own a gun and carry it around concealed to ...
by NastyJack
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The 1994-2004 law on so-called "assault weapons" prevented the manufacture of new detachable magazines for firearms with a capacity of more than ten cartridges. This forced the redesign of magazines ...
by hagagaga
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The Gallup poll found a new low of 26 percent of Americans who favor banning handguns in the U.S. other than law ...
by NastyJack
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The Brady Campaign published a report about the numbers of guns that go missing directly from the ...
by mikeb302000
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The next time you hear some local Second ...
by DocHoc
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This diary is a repost from 11 April. I am reposting it now as a semi-response to a diary that has gotten some peoples dander up and to hopefully temper the conversation. The only changes I have ...
by oldpunk
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Gun control is a touchy subject to say the least; you could almost say people have a hair trigger when it comes to talking about guns. Unfortunately there have been a few high profile incidents ...
by oldpunk
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After this diary , which sparked a rather intense discussion today between pro- and anti-gun control advocates ...
by SuperBowlXX
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by SensibleShoes
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Back on February 4, officials from the Brady Campaign as well as Women Against Gun Violence announced that California ...
by derby378
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Charlton Heston passed away this weekend leaving behind a mixed legacy when it comes to political agendas and activism. While not from Nebraska, he was a mid-westerner who grew up in Illinois ...
by janefleming
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From the Amendment II Democrats blog: First of all, my best wishes to everyone for a happy and peaceful Mother's Day. Sarah Brady, Chair of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, ...
by derby378
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From the Amendment II Democrats blog: One question that I'd like to ask the Brady Campaign is, quite simply, "What happened?" Back in December 2005, Brady Campaign communications ...
by derby378
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