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This will not be a startling revelation. Elections are won by the votes of people who are generally ignorant of the issues and the stances of the candidates, and who are herded to one candidate or ...
by Focusers
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While researching money in politics recently, I came across the name Cecilia Tkaczyk. Her Senate race in New York struck me as particularly interesting for a couple of reasons. First, because ...
by akadjian
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Jon Stewart and Paul Krugman have been going at it lately over the trillion dollar coin. Here is the original segment that drew the ire of Krugman. ...
by Egberto Willies
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Russell Brand interviews two members of the Westboro Baptist Church. During the interview we find out that Madonna, Mahatma Gandhi and Tom Hanks are all going to Hell.
by hobie1616
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September 27 – With all the polls now showing an Obama surge, Republicans are jockeying for position to lock in credible-sounding explanations for why he is losing, the Senate is slipping from ...
by Jimmy Zuma
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I've written about this before and been shut down. But over the weekend at Netroots, after hearing Sherrod Brown speak about the effects of Citizens' United in Ohio, I'm going to bring it up again.
by akadjian
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There's been many calls to end the influence of corporate money on Washington. Russ Feingold has raised ...
by akadjian
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I know it's early to start talking about what's next for Occupy Wall Street when the protests are still gaining steam. Occupy Wall Street has struck a chord ...
by akadjian
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Okay, so I'm a newbie here and I don't work in marketing so take these ideas with a grain of salt. But as a newcomer to posting at DailyKos, I have an outsider's perspective and not a lot invested ...
by SethRightmer
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Quick, in a sentence or less, what's President Obama about ? Two years into his presidency, what's his brand ? The two I came up with -- Pragmatism (the President Who Gets ...
by david mizner
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Update: What Gangster Octopus said in the story posted right after this diary ...
by LeftOfYou
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Well, they were good for the Media, CNN, Fox News ratings, and that's about it. They have not changed the way the public view Barack Obama or the Democratic party itself. The only thing that ...
by The Simple Canadian
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I've been watching the data at pollster.com to follow the latest polls, but also to follow the National Party ID's and how they've been trending in recent weeks.
by KingofSpades
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I'm not in the advertising or marketing industry, but I do have a few thoughts on the Obama brand. Below is my take on the history and future of the brand.
by charityslave
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If you want confirmation that US academic writing is in crisis, look no further than Francis Fukuyama (he of the End of History and adherent of the Remnant Ronald Reagan Church of Latter-...
by halef
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by 5 Oclock Shadow
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] It’s been noted endlessly this year that we should be seeing a walkover election, the economy stinks with two ...
by paradox
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Will 2008 be a slamdunk for the Democrats? Or, will we end up with President McCain? A look at the most ...
by Peter S Cohl
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See this Chicago Tribune article on the effectiveness of John McCain's negative ad campaign against Obama: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/sns-ap-mccain-obama-poll,0,4614358.story I ...
by bookt
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Last night on ABC News Charlie Gibson sat down with Senator John McCain and asked him point blank "are you the underdog?" John McCain responded by saying that he is the underdog and that in fact he ...
by OmarLittle
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