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Tom Tomorrow (with permission) You'll be reading a lot about epistemic closure, aka living in a bubble. This review is ...
by Greg Dworkin
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Most of us here are well aware of the Right Wing Bubble and its destructive effects on the Republican Party. Im here to warn about the dangers of our own bubble forming. Yes the President won and ...
by ksuwildkat
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On November 3rd, a member of Free Republic posted an article by Kevin DuJan, of HillBuzz,wherein he offered his predictions for the Presidential and Senate elections. As you would expect, his ...
by hotdamn
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Barack Obama and Chris Christie in New Jersey, 10/31/12. Note: this did not deny Romney the ...
by Steve Singiser
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Welcome to the world of the GOP Bubble Where down is up and up is down No apologies on anything , down for the double On Facts and science, they fret and frown Unskewed polls by Karl “ The Math ��
by satyamevajayate
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Shellshocked. The GOP's reality-distortion field went all the ...
by kos
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by Jed Lewison
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How'd your little bubble of ignorance work out, assholes? What's striking about Mitt Romney's loss is just how stunned conservatives were. I keep thinking there's no way most of them could buy this ...
by kos
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Mitt Romney is vulnerable – that is. wrong – on so many fronts it has to be difficult to focus criticism, and the Obama team deserves credit for holding that focus on Bain and jobs. A Wall ...
by A Southerner in Yankeeland
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I work with a guy who is not exceptionally smart, but who is usually a very friendly and nice person. This guy is always laughing and making jokes with everyone and is generally pleasant to be ...
by HOGvol
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Update: There is a diary out there of someone saying he voted for Santorum to cause havoc in the GOP primaries and perhaps because he thinks Santorum will lose against Obama. I think the opposite. ...
by healthy
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by Something the Dog Said
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Recently Keith Olbermann on Bill Maher's show tried to get through to the GOP voter in a bubble. The typical GOP voter has an incredible ability to not let facts get in the way of his/her ideology.
by Core Da Freak
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To our beloved politicians, media, consultants and officials living in the Beltway Bubble. As well as to the folks on Wall Street who pull their strings: By a 62 - 32 ...
by Paleo
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A reader pointed me to an important article regarding college debt and the possibility of a debt bubble. The pattern of college debt, with a simultaneous freeing up of costs and lending to meet ...
by RemingtonD
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] If modern American life often seems a grind or a bore (or a trip to the gulag taking a flight) at least the above ...
by paradox
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Most Americans have no idea what the Federal Reserve is, despite it being one of the most important institutions affecting their lives. ...
by FIREeconomy
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History repeats itself. Each generation tends to think that the circumstances affecting them are unique to it. Looking at the comforts that the Baby Boomers enjoy today, it's easy to forget what the ...
by guinea
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] We are not referring here to yet another rancid market bubble that so putridly pops ...
by paradox
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Despite Treasury's decision to postpone a report that could have branded China a currency manipulator, the economic damage being done by the Chinese government is not ending anytime soon. When we ...
by Mike Elk
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