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By: inoljt, http://mypolitikal.com/ The Republican Primary race is essentially over. Rick Santorum, having finally hit the end of his rope, has announced a suspension of his campaign. It’s ...
by Inoljt
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In a previous post , I wrote about a very revealing video of Mitt Romney. This video was filmed without Romney's knowledge during an off-the-air conversation. In it, Romney talks sincerely and ...
by Inoljt
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By: inoljt, http://mypolitikal.com/ Mitt Romney did it again. In a recent remark to voters in Wisconsin, the Republican frontrunner made a joke about closing factories in Michigan . Here's Mitt ...
by Inoljt
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In my previous post , I wrote that: In Hawaii, white and Asian Mormons in Laie ended up giving 93% of their vote to Mitt Romney. Put any group under a particular set of (usually adversarial) ...
by Inoljt
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By: inoljt, http://mypolitikal.com/ It was late in the night of Tuesday March 13th, 2012. For most people it was just another normal day. For Americans in three states, however, it was election ...
by Inoljt
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By: inoljt, http://mypolitikal.com/ It's pretty clear that Mitt Romney has a Southern problem. The Republican candidate has consistently lost southern states. Indeed, it's probable that if the ...
by Inoljt
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This is part of a series of posts analyzing how Mitt Romney’s 2012 coalition has changed from his 2008 coalition. Hopefully such analysis will provide clues as to Romney’s performance in the ...
by Inoljt
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& Open Thread! Tonight we will find out whether Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee definitely, or only sort of become the Republican nominee at some later point. I will be updating this ...
by James Allen
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As a lapsed Catholic, it has been twenty years since I attended Mass on Ash Wednesday and twenty years since I gave up anything for Lent. This year, induced by Rick Santorum's focus on his faith and ...
by gravlax
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A friend's 79-year old father, a former Republican, drew this cartoon. The friend posted on Facebook and gave me permission to post here and anyone to share. The artist's name is Tom Glover. He ...
by peacearena
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Dim background lighting. Spotlight on Mitt. Mitt is wearing a hardhat and safety goggles. He is standing in front of what looks like a waterfall in the dim light. A rushing sound is ...
by Politiquackary
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Mitt Romney has famously been running for president for the past four years. He seems to be having more success this time; at the moment, Romney is the unquestioned frontrunner for the Republican ...
by Inoljt
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By: inoljt, http://mypolitikal.com/ Libertarian Ron Paul is doing quite well in the 2012 Republican primaries; he has taken third place in Iowa and second place in New Hampshire. Perhaps ...
by Inoljt
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It’s quite probable that Romney will be the person facing Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. Both ...
by Inoljt
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So I was driving home from work yesterday evening, listening to News Radio 880 (out of NYC), and I heard an anti- Mitt Romney ad. The gist of the ad went after his experience as a venture ...
by SaintCog
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It's an interesting fact that Mitt Romney, after outspending both Ron Paul and Rick Santorum and the rest of the Republican field by millions of dollars, can't seem to break out above a ceiling of ...
by SJGulitti
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Well there you have it, one of the Tea Party's own heroines, Michelle Bachmann has finally seen the light on her flawed and floundering pretense of a campaign for the American presidency. Quoting ...
by SJGulitti
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Yes, the GOP has superdelegates, 132 of them. Current count: Romney: 12 Perry: 2 (but not for much longer) Santorum: 1 Just as in 2008,
by msn1
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So far, conservative voters have overlooked gaffe after gaffe from their currently favored Not Romney candidate. Even allegations he paid several women hush money to keep their mouths shut about ...
by kat68
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Yesterday, Politico teased that George Will would be dropping a rather explosive column trashing GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney in his weekly Washington Post column this weekend. Well, the full column--
by kat68
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