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The 2014 elections produced many interesting and unusual results. A prime example of this involves the states of New Hampshire and Maine. New Hampshire is generally considered to be the most ...
by ProudNewEnglander
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Part 1: the State Legislature This diary is the second part in my series of analyzing the 2014 election results in Maine. My first diary analyzed the state legislative results. This diary will look ...
by ProudNewEnglander
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The Democrats' 2014 election debacle left no room for doubt: Something is seriously wrong with the Democratic Party. Consider this: * In the 2013-4 Congress, Republicans violated ...
by AndySchmookler
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This diary is the first in a series that will examine the 2014 election results in Maine. This diary will look at both houses of the state legislature. For each district, I will examine the voting ...
by ProudNewEnglander
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After giving some consideration to why Democrats may have done so badly in last November's elections, there are several faulty Democratic assumptions that have come to mind. Some of these were ...
by wdrath
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Hoo boy did we Democrats lose in 2014. Even pessimists were taken by surprise by how HARD the Democrats were slammed! Not only were all close races taken decisively by the GOP but even safely blue ...
by GirlMedic
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You've probably seen it mentioned before, but it bears repeating: There wasn't much good news for Democratic _candidates_ in the election several weeks ago, but there were a number of victories ...
by David Jarman
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Craig Barnes is an essayist, historian, lecturer, author, playwright, and radio host, who resides in Santa Fe, NM. This talk was given two days after the devastating elections on November 4, 2014. ...
by Craig Barnes
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In the wake of these midterm elections, the topic of the white working class vote has come up fairly often around here. One suggestion that was come up is for Democrats to embrace economic populism, ...
by DROzone
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There’s a rough consensus about why Democrats were pulverized in the midterm elections: losing Democratic candidates didn’t have a succinct positive message. To understand this problem, it’s ...
by bobburnett
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The Washington Post reported yesterday that voter suppression laws are likely already deciding elections. Catherine Rampell writes that enough voters were turned away by the plethora of suppression ...
by Doctor Jazz
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Today, President Obama made his first major pronouncement in support of net neutrality, nearly six years into his term. My main question is, what took him so long?
by DarkScholar82
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Several issues have been bothering me since the November 4 elections… Perhaps a separate diary should be devoted to each of them. But I will try to compress them in this one post. So bear with me.
by Gaius Septimus
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(Click to enlarge) A couple articles inspired this cartoon. First, this piece from ...
by Jen Sorensen
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316 Million Americans. 215 Million eligible to vote (according to U.S. Census Bureau). 153 Million registered to vote. Some 62 million were declared unregistered or no longer registered by their ...
by Jeff Berry
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I don't know if this will work but it might. We know that in every election cycle, especially in the "Battleground States" or "Swing States, the mass media gets flooded with adds. Most people don't ...
by Jamesleo
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The newly minted Georgia State House Representative for District 132 Bob Trammell. Several of you may recall my diary from May 23, 2014 ...
by TexDem
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In terms of pure horse race, the Democrats on Tuesday took an electoral drubbing, losing all the major races ...
by Laurence Lewis
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The analysis of the results can lead to call 2014 a Republican wave year, but looking at them carefully, this is not the impression that I have. There is not doubt that 2014 has been a year with a ...
by abgin
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The recent elections represent a defeat for not only the Democratic Party, but also the American people, particularly the middle and working classes. Here's how it happened...
by DarkScholar82
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