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We seem to think that politicians, particularly Regressives (aka Republicans), have only recently been saying idiotic things. Part of the problem is that in the past candidate statements typically ...
by Ruffbear7
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Back when all clocks were analog and they all had hands, there was a saying, "Even a broken clock is right twice a day." In other words, even if someone is a moron, through the law of averages, they ...
by Intralumenal
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Daily Kos has been prodding me for another diary. I had a great idea. During the Shrub years, I wrote a series of political/cultural short poems and dated each one as I wrote it. I own the copyright,
by ProudAmericanLiberal
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As if the nation hasn't suffered enough from the BS "leadership" of the Bush clan, George P got himself elected Land Commissioner in Texas, often one of the first steps toward the Governorship. (He'...
by BlackSheep1
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Elect a Bush, get a war. One person's historical hard-on is another's opti-phallocratic power obsession. It's not about narrative or conspiracy but about how some very basic economic developments ...
by annieli
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by Roger Burke
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by MillennialJake
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Perhaps in the scheme of things, such as women being burned to death, militant leaders recruiting children and sometimes beheading them to further their religious insanity, and China deciding they ...
by Marina Asbury
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I waste lots of precious time Setting politics to rhyme. Ridiculous or near sublime? At least I've shunned a life of crime.
by likeits1999
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This article originally appeared at TomDispatch.com. To receive TomDispatch in your inbox three times a week, click here .[ Note for TomDispatch Readers: � The offers for both William DeBuys's new ...
by TomDispatch
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Here's pretty much a sure thing bracket as to who's gonna win in the 2016 Presidential race. My money's on the money!
by laloalcaraz
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by Vik the Viking
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When the news broke of Hillary Clinton's use of personal email for her official email when she was secretary of state, my first thought was a recollection of the Bush White House staffers getting ...
by ericf
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The George W. Bush presidency was basically over by the end of 2005. Not that there weren't more disasters and indignities to come for America before the Halliburton Cabal mercifully relinquished ...
by GrafZeppelin127
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Alright so rooting for who should lead the enemies is complicated: in my opinion, they need to firstly be eminently crushable while, on the other hand, not being so crazy that if they do on the off ...
by JSWright101
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An excellent and balanced piece in the Wash Post today on Bush's record on school reform as governor of Florida. He put in place a raft of inititiaves--standardized tests, vouchers, and grading ...
by lawrencegoodman
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Loves me some CPAC -- the perfect trainwreck of nuttiess, groveling, bigotry and wingnut marketing madness . I couldn't help but notice that every hand-in-the-air, CHOOSE ME CHOOSE ME CHOOSE ME ...
by wruckusgroink
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Ana Marie Cox published an interesting and evocative article that raised valid points here and there. The piece is in the Daily Beast, titled Sorry, But Clinton's Inevitability is Not A Problem . ...
by DemProgStrategist
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So Rudy Giuliani thinks Obama does not say that he loves his country. There are two petty issues here, but I want to emphasize a bigger one. First petty issue: this is simply untrue. Obama has ...
by Daver71
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While most people are focused on ISIS (or ISIL, Islamic State or whatever we’re calling that group of jihadist lunatics these days) and ...
by Mark Fiore
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