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Dead dolphin stranded on the Port Fourchon Louisiana coastline in July 2012 following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
by Meteor Blades
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In 2004, 28 oil wells located 11 miles off the coastlines of Louisiana that are owned and operated by Taylor Energy, were destroyed by a mudslide caused by Hurricane Ivan. The consequences of this ...
by Pakalolo
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In other news, Gulf Watchers veteran ROV reporter someTV comes across a fabulous video. Further reportage beyond the orange vine.
by sometv
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I came home late last night and moved straight from the office and car to the couch, where I started writing my next-to-last paper for my last class. After 2 AM, when I finally curled up in bed to ...
by khowell
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When you decide, as a nation, that Natural Gas is the key component of your 'procrastination energy future' -- well sometimes you're just going to have to live with the inevitable fallout. It's ...
by jamess
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Fun & games time here on DKos (Boy, do we need it!) GW (Gulf Watchers) Block parties are a spot for hilarity, music, recipes, drinks, etc.....no topic is off limits...come on in and join us. ...
by Phil S 33
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WTF??? Been way too long since there has been a Block Party...a place where you can come and hear music, see pics, and have (virtual) drinks all night long.... So, bring it on....
by Phil S 33
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Not a block party, though it is Friday night , and it's April again. Welcome to April 2013 -- how come it feels so much like déjà vu all over again ? So many things have ...
by BlackSheep1
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Topics: Second week of BP oil spill trial focuses on gross negligence, Engineer who did forensic analysis of blowout preventer continues testimony in BP Gulf oil spill trial, Oil Executives, Experts ...
by peraspera
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The third day of the BP trial has featured a combative BP higher-up, a BP senior executive who resigned from BP in disgust, expert witnesses in the drilling field, and the star of today's show...the ...
by Lorinda Pike
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As the BP trial enters the second day, the first witness called was Robert Bea, a University of California-Berkeley professor who was consulted by the White House commission that investigated the ...
by Lorinda Pike
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The civil trial of BP gets underway in New Orleans Federal Court today - and the legal wrangling continues on the dollar amount the British oil giant should pay for the April 2010 explosion and ...
by Lorinda Pike
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Topics: BP hit by new $34bn Deepwater Horizon claim, BP objects to $34 billion oil spill claims sought by states, Transocean and federal prosecutors defend plea agreement in memo to judge; blame BP ...
by peraspera
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From yesterday's [Gulf Watcher's diary http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/01/29/1183042/-Gulf-Watchers-Tuesday-Judge-OKs-4-Billion-Settlement-BP-Catastrophe-AUV-604] written by Lorinda Pike; we ...
by Phil S 33
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Judgement Day for BP. Motion to extend deadline for seafood industry settlement rejected. TransCanada makes a boo-boo. You are in the current Gulf Watchers BP Catastrophe AUV #604. AUV #603 is here.
by Lorinda Pike
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Today is a Special Day. It is the true Inauguration day; AND is my Birthday (and a special one at that)! Yup, since 1937, all presidents have recognized that they should be inaugurated on my ...
by Phil S 33
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Topics: Unlike BP, Transocean likely off the hook for felony charges related to workers' deaths in 2010 Gulf spill, Transocean to pay $1.4 billion to settle pollution, safety violations in Gulf oil ...
by peraspera
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Survey to wellhead completed; no info released. Louisiana will be a major player in BP litigation. Shell considers BP bid. BP sell chunk of North Sea field. Lawsuit to challenge plans for offshore ...
by Lorinda Pike
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This is the Gulf Watchers (mostly) bi-weekly Block Party, where we come together to share stories, food, beer, humor, music---and generally have loads of fun. So, relax after your busy weekend of ...
by Phil S 33
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Topics: BP settlement a boon to conservation group, Breaking Down The BP Settlement: Where Will The Money Go? | ThinkProgress, BP settles criminal charges for $4 billion in spill; supervisors ...
by peraspera
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