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The Senate confirmed another dozen U.S. district court nominees last night, giving President Obama 89 confirmations this year—for a total of 305 judges in his first six years. How does that ...
by Paul Hogarth
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I oppose the proposed Keystone pipeline. However, yesterday 59 senators sought to vote on legislation that would authorize its construction. 41 senators blocked this vote. Again, those with the ...
by cjo30080
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On the morning after Election Day—as we struggled to get out of bed from very depressing results—Daily Kos staff launched a petition demanding that Harry Reid and Senate Democrats use ...
by Carissa Miller
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Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR): ...
by poopdogcomedy
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The Senate ...
by Joan McCarter
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Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR): You know the saying: “When the ...
by poopdogcomedy
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Well it's Friday and what better way to end the week ...
by poopdogcomedy
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The single biggest hurdle facing the Democratic Party is a Supreme Court that believes that corporations are people and money is speech. We should learn the lessons from the success of the ...
by evcoren
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Received this e-mail today from Senator Tom Udall (D. NM): In New ...
by poopdogcomedy
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I was burnt out by the end of last week and I had Monday off so I decided to take the time off from some diaries and catch up on some rest. Here's one e-mail I received over the weekend from ...
by poopdogcomedy
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Juan Williams from The Hill wrote an excellent piece about one of our favorite Senators, Jeff Merkley (D. OR), naming him as 2013's top political player on Capitol Hill: http://thehill.com/opinion/
by poopdogcomedy
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Ron Fournier on Morning Joe, because of course he is. You might remember Ron Fournier for such hits as "failed Beltway political startup HotSoup.com", ...
by kos
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So red state Democrats like Senator Mary Landrieu (D. LA) did the right thing and joined their party in going nuclear on President Obama's judicial nominees, ending the Republicans ...
by poopdogcomedy
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in Obamacare’s Secret Success he tells us that despite the problems and complaints it is working in one key regard, holding down the growth of medical spending, or as it has been described, ...
by teacherken
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Good evening, Senators Alexander, Cruz, Graham, McCain, McConnell, Paul, et al. I know you think I have not been ‘listening’ to you, in these days of Obama, but I have. You have painted ...
by BeninSC
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Kablooie! Thanks in large part to David Waldman, aka Kagro X, Daily Kos notched perhaps ...
by kos
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Take a good look at the screenshot below (click for a full-size version):
by Brainwrap
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if you have the time. First off, congrats on the reform victory! Way to dog them to the bitter end. That said, I have been around DK long enough to remember when folks were getting pretty steamed ...
by plan9pub
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I just had to put this up. I have seen a number of comments like this at RedState and other places. This particular comment (a response to a commenter supporting Harry Reid's actions) comes from ...
by JLFinch
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If a filibuster is that important to ...
by kos
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