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Friday schools across Maryland were closed, so I went to the first show at Noon. On the way home I thought long and hard about what I would say. No matter how I parse it, my reaction has two key ...
by teacherken
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I have posted here a prior critique of , “Waiting for Superman,” so I do not need to repeat these criticisms. The most fact based criticism is here. What Superman got wrong.
by dcampbell
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by TiaRachel
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Recently, the DC Mayor's election hinged on attitudes toward school reform in the Nation's Capital. Meanwhile, the documentary "Waiting for Superman" follows families trying to get their kids into ...
by Michael Bindner
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"Waiting for Superman" (WfS), the much hyped movie on Education reform, is directed by Davis Guggenheim, who also directed "Inconvenient Truth". Guess who produced it? Details below fold.
by Funkygal
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I have in the past week or so written a number of times on various topics of education. That includes several pieces before Education Nation began on Sunday and my reaction to the Teacher Town Hall,
by teacherken
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For too long the general population has let the right wing define the terms of engagement, and the billionares have been busy, building think tanks, networks, and "grass roots" organizations. The ...
by teacherD
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Waiting for Superman is an emotional film that follows five public school students who compete in lotteries to attend public charter schools. This film was made by the producer of An Inconvenient ...
by dcampbell
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Yesterday, for most of two hours, MS-NBC held a national Teacher Town Hall as part of its Education Nation national education summit. I watched and tweeted - the hashtag #educationnation was VERY ...
by teacherken
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Ponder that title for a moment. It is not mine. It was originally the title of the 12th panel, the last added, for NBC's Education Nation summit, which ...
by teacherken
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We are seeing a concerted and organized effort to make the new film "Waiting for Superman" the means of defining the discussion on education. When combined with the corporate sponsorship and ...
by teacherken
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is the new film by Davis Guggenheim (who won an Oscar for "An Inconvenient Truth). It is already being heavily touted by those on the Educational right, including unfortunately some Democrats (as ...
by teacherken
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