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Worst at job creation since Herbert “Slowhand” Hoover. Tax breaks that don’t benefit bottom feeders like me. The gradual and successful creation of the American Social Caste ...
by Chuck McCoy
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Cross-posted from OH-16: John Boccieri for U.S. Congress :
by GARoach
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There's a good reason why the heads of organized criminal enterprises are typically charged with and convicted on tax evasion charges, rather the murders and extortions and corruption they supervise.
by hannah
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Two weeks ago, on a night when Keith Olbermann read his second "Special Comment" about Senator Clinton and the Democratic primary race was, to be frank, at its absolute nadir, I wrote a diary called "
by sunspark says
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Nichts zu sehen hier ... Bewegen Sie mit! JETZT !! Nothing to see here... Move along! NOW!! Officer Barbrady.
by Ken Tucker
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It’s an old story—perhaps even an urban legend —that a frog in a pan of gradually heated water will not ...
by kay dub
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It's often said that Obama's speeches are stirring but unsubstantial -- long on hope, short on policy. But Obama's pitch to the nation isn't insubstantial. It's meta-- a substantive critique of our ...
by Asp
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Who is provoking whom in the Persian Gulf? Don't expect your local newspaper to tell you.
by dlindorff
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I've been away from KOS for a couple of weeks due to a dead computer but I am back now to find the everyone all 'atwitter with how their candidates are doing in Iowa and NH. I suppose its good to ...
by edbb
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