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Not according to our old friend Sam Wang. Princeton Professor Sam Wang found that gerrymandered districts may actually be less safe than those that aren’t politically altered. By analyzing data ...
by wtpvideo
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I've known that Iceland's "anti-austerity" program of the past few years, where they made bondholders rather than taxpayers take the fall for the errors of the banks, is widely considered to be an ...
by Seneca Doane
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Yes, a speculative statement, but if we say it out loud, we will be putting pressure on Romney to deny it and force him to release his taxes. And there is evidence that the statement is true. Cross-...
by Tom Poll Master
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Five are dead in Washington; 29 in West Virginia. Workplace explosions killed them. Both employers, a refinery and a mining company, have been cited for safety violations. America must introduce ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Update: Thanks to calchala , we now know what Obama really said. I guess the quote I ...
by Dr Squid
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Poor misunderstood (former) GM executive Bob Lutz. How dare Lutz be castigated for stating that "Global ...
by A Siegel
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You may call me a wet blanket (or worse); although I'd prefer to be perceived as a reality check, at least as far as today's less-worse-than-normal government employment/unemployment report is ...
by bobswern
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In 1991, after prolonged painful public agonizing and offering the U.S. Senate seat to people who declined it, Governor Robert P. Casey officially offered the Senate vacancy caused by the tragic ...
by State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA
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Maybe they should quit the prediction biz : There will be a backlash in the green movement ...
by kos
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It isn't often that you read the former Charles Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School dressing down the American corporate community for "failure to ...
by Susan Gardner
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Bashing the oil companies is all well and good, but I think one needs to bring the facts. You can read this story ...
by Belvedere Come Here Boy
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Today, just in time for the release of Michael Moore's spectacular documentary film, SiCKO,
by tiggers thotful spot
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For the second day in a row, a major news publication prints an important article on peak oil. After the Independent's strongly ...
by Jerome a Paris
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I don't think this article got much notice here on Daily Kos but Business week did a story on the -selling off- privitization of public infrastructure currently the rage in ...
by dopper0189
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I've said many times before that the best place for information is the business press. The material is written for people who need cold, hard information in order to make money, rather than for the ...
by davidsirota
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It must be a terrible, awful burden to be Clarence Thomas -- condemned to a lifetime appointment on the United States Supreme Court, nowhere to hide from the people who expect you to think the way ...
by quaoar
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by darrelplant
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by gmoke
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