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For many years the mystique of boy King Tutankhamen and his fabulous tomb has enthralled us, and now scientists have worked their wonders and revealed the real King Tut. In November of 1922, ...
by Gwennedd
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In November 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter made a momentous discovery in Egypt's Valley of the Kings: the tomb of a little-known, largely-forgotten teenaged pharaoh named Tutankhamun, ...
by GrafZeppelin127
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I know that the King of Egypt, Akhenaten, AKA Amenhotep IV, died around 1336 B.C.E., at about 50 years of age, in the 17th year of his reign, possibly of a heart attack. It is hard to speak with ...
by KAMuston
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The earliest form of monotheism may have developed in Egypt about 3300 years ago. During the reign of Amenophis III (1390 to 1352 BCE; also spelled Amenhotep III), references to Aten were included ...
by Ojibwa
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